By Anonymous - 04/10/2014 12:11 - United States - Brevard

Today, I tried kissing my boyfriend on the tip of his nose. He sneezed mid-kiss and headbutted me. Now, there's just an awkward silence. FML
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amandakris 11

That's one way to give head

Crickets Chirping Kisses Hurting


ouch. hope you're okay.

Well now she nose not to do that again

aruam365 24

I like what you did there! Seriously though, as someone who works in emergency medicine, trying to be overly cute or kinky can go very wrong... just go with the flow and don't try too hard, for your own sake.

@25: What on earth does emergency medicine have to do with being cute or kinky?

tantanpanda 26

I've heard crazy stories like where this woman got a beer bottle stuck in her snach. People attempt many things that you wouldn't think of in your dizziest daydreams

DocBastard's Coca-Cola Trauma Patient! #34

Crickets Chirping Kisses Hurting

amandakris 11

That's one way to give head

Just start to talk about your day

when you were just head butted and in pain? I don't think so.

*awkwarldly walks away*

Nose is a sensitive topic, anyone? Okay?

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andits 21

Ouch....nothing like a little small talk and another kiss can't fix

CallMeWindSock 24

That's very unfortunate, but you'll surely be able to fix it with another kiss

ostfaiz 18

lock him by lips 2 lips this time!

But then he could sneeze into her mouth..

Well, you nose better next time.