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You all know that most everyone picks there nose... They don't eat it but, thumbs me down all you want you know it's the truth...

It seems he's happy putting disgusting things in his mouth. I hope you're making that work for you ;)


You're not the only one. When I was little I was confused why people were eating them... So I decided to try it, 5 seconds later, I threw up. Haven't done it since.


One of the primary components in them is Taurine which is a major ingredient in most energy drinks and also has been shown to help fight cancer as well as diabetes.


57- that's awesome that u know that... But then I ask WHY? I think I'll stick to the energy drinks. Boogers are just disgusting!

By  Bekll

In that case he should do it in private instead. I think I once read an article that said consuming it can improve your immune system. Hmm...


I once read an article that said people who consumed it were smarter than people who don't. Still wondering how they tested that.

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