By anonymous - 23/01/2016 01:56 - United States - Indiana

Today, my boyfriend picked his nose and tried to stick his booger up my nose, claiming that it was time to plant his "seed." FML
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I'm curious to know how you reacted to that... I just have no idea how I could even respond to someone if they did that to me...

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hopefully you would respond with grace--they ARE in a relationship. too many uptight people in this comments section it appears.

Audience, let's see if 36 can figure out why people would be so uptight, shall we?

LuckBeNimble 19

audience, let's see if 38 can reply condescendingly to the right person. I stand by what I said. out of context it may seem immature or "gross" but in my experience all successful relationships carry some bizarre form of intimacy. as long as no one is hurt or SERIOUSLY bothered by the act, between two loving people, such things can be considered endearing or even "cute." be comfortable with the person you love, lowering your guard and being vulnerable in such ways breeds intimacy.

There is absolutely nothing 'cute' or endearing about picking your nose. Trying to shove the resulting booger up someone else's just takes it to an entirely new, ****** up level.

To do list 1) Remove disgusting thing from my nose 2) Find new boyfriend 3) Try my best to forget #1 ever happened

That is not cute or intimate it's ******* disgusting. I've been married 22 years to a retired military aircraft maintainer and they can be some of the foulest people out there at times. Anyone who works in that field on here knows what I'm talking about. He would never do something like that. You have a twisted view of what could be cute, but to each their own. ... good luck with that and make it bring you much happiness.

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If he wasn't serious about it then I say that's pretty god damn hysterical. Also its a "booger"

I'm not even kidding when I say that my left eye twitched several times when I read this. They made me go all Forest Whitaker.

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You've definitely found yourself a weird one.

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Ah, kindergarten relationship problems

Next thing we know, he'll be going to the doctor for a cooties shot.