By whipplewhip - United States
Today, my husband and I were at the mall, and decided to have a snack at the food court. As we ate, an obese woman squeezed past our table, butt facing us. Just when her ass-cheeks slid past our heads, she let out a horrific fart that my father would be proud of. FML
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  ash2ash  |  3

i'm wondering if I'm going to have an fml in the near boyfriend's last name is whipple, he isn't with his ex wife, but they are still technically married :S

  AngelSpit  |  18

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  AngelSpit  |  18

before people start coming down on me with oh no its not her fault it's hard to lose weight or its genetics bullshit and I'm not referring to people who are chunky or pudgy or slightly overweight I'm referring to the 300 400 pound plus crowd I just don't understand how someone could let themselves go that badly years ago I gained a chunk of weight and hit 200 pounds and that was more than I was comfortable weighing so I change my lifestyle and I lost weight and I'm pretty damn lazy so if I can do it then these people just must not even be trying (OK I've said my piece commence hating me now)

  ZeroPath5  |  16

Actually #29, I completely agree with you. I have no idea how people let themselves go so much, and to blame genetics is simply an excuse. And then there's the "big is beautiful" excuse...Just go to the gym for about a month and your lives will improve tenfold...not like being obese is healthy anyways -.-

  JessicaZado  |  11

I have to agree. I could understand being a little overweight because that's okay. But when It's to the point where you're risking your health and your life. That's when you need to do something about. Even just eating better would help. Just saying when I normally see obese people eating-It's fast food or nothing but garbage. That's not helping themselves!

  AestheticGuy  |  21

This is why I hate obese hamplanets. Especially when they expect to treated the same as human beings who are actually normal. Some enormous girl tried to get into a club that I was promoting the other weekend, the landwhales was like "WHYY NOHTT??" and the bouncer was just shaking his head, and we were all thinking "Because you cant even fit through the door you disgusting-..." And I wont finish the rest.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

You mean before or after?
An "Excuse me" would be insufficient in this case however.
Simple decency would have suggested she find another path that she can fit through and hold the farts for the bathroom.