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Today, I was at the local grocery store. I've had really bad gas lately, and I accidentally let one go while standing in line. The woman behind me thought it was her kid, and smacked him for farting in public. FML
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That's kinda funny. You should have said it was you though, then slapped the lady for slapping her kid.


Why would they hit their kid for farting?

Because some parents shouldn't have bred

I hope you did the right thing and spoke up.

Result! Whenever i sit next to a kid on a plane i know that i can just fart to my heart's content and if anyone looks over give a look of disgust in the kid's direction xD

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I'm not quite sure if this is more of an FML on OP's part or the kid's part...

How did OP deserve this? Unless he deliberately made it seem like it was the kid (in which case OP would deserve), the only one to blame would be the mother.

That's kinda funny. You should have said it was you though, then slapped the lady for slapping her kid.

What a stinky situation, that poor kid

Nice pun! Too bad 35 people are assholes and have a shit sense of humor

Why is this so common recently? The dislike button exists for a reason. You're not even the original commenter, so why are you so defensive?

77, if that was a pun, it was really bad. Please don't tell me you're that guy that says "that's a shitty situation".

I don't understand why this comment is being down voted. I think it's really punny.

geeze people calm down, haha not all comments are golden

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F the kids life... He must've been embarrassed too.

He shouldn't be embarrassed, he didn't do anything! Wonder how old the kid was, I would have said something if it were me.

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I don't understand why it's such a big deal to fart in public. It's just a natural process, and I doubt the kid would do it to be funny.

Belching, scratching your nether regions, and ************ are all natural things to do too. It's just etiquette and manners to keep things like that private

At the same time, holding in gas is literally unhealthy. So it may be "etiquette", but you can't hold it in forever. Yes you can do it away from people, sure, but that opportunity isn't always available.

My statement was still perfectly distinguishable. This isn't the oxford dictionary. There's no point in posting, without adding to the fml, about a spelling error other than trying to boost your own self esteem by belittling others...

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Scratching and masturbating are things you should not really do in public. But little things like burping or farting are hard to stop sometimes. And who cares? It's just a little smell. What's next for you? Policing the hiccups?

wow, girls think it's ok to fart in public!

@56 - But if FML isn't the right place to use proper spelling and grammar, what is? A dissertation? The newspaper? Malarkey, I say! Complete blasphemy!

The difference between farting/burping and scratching/masturbating #36 is that air naturally comes out of your body. It's your choice to scratch or jerk off, it doesn't happen naturally like the others do.

111 - just because it naturally comes from your body doesnt mean you should do it in the middle of a crowded area. This is where the etiquette and manners portion of my fml became relevant.

Poor kid. Beating a child over a fart is just wrong and totally unnecessary. The kid didn't even toot.

And the next time he wants to he'll remember this time and hold it in. Thank you OP!

While I agree with what you're saying. A slap is far from a "beating"

slap you husband/wife, I doubt they will see a real difference. slap a kids hand away from a hot stove, or sharp knife... not because you think they farted. violance is a bad way to teach manners.

I wonder if OP at least went to defend the kid. Otherwise we might soon be reading some kids FML. "Today, both my mother and the guy in front of me turned out to be complete jerks..."

It would be more like, "Today, my mother slapped me in line at the grocery store for making a nasty fart in public. I didn't fart. FML."

I would own up your toot and let the kid and mom know, but at a safe distance. Also it's not ok for the kid's mom to hit him for a simple fart that wasn't even his.

What good will it do? The mum can't undo the slap.

Maybe she would have apologized to her kid. Also I would feel pretty guilty and loose sleep for getting a little kid slapped...

Mother of the year award goes to... I can understand telling the kid not to be rude but slapping him? I hope you turned around and gave them a disgusted look though, lol

it said smacked not slapped so it probably wasn't hard just a little hit but people have to take as far as calling that abuse which is not

If I smacked you, I'm pretty sure you'd call the Cops.