By Anonymous - 18/01/2011 08:28 - United States

Today, I was at the grocery store with my dad. He let out a very silent but foul abomination of a fart. The people behind us started gagging, so he turned, pointed at me and said "That was my daughter." FML
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He beat you to it. Should've said "Ew, gross Dad!"

perdix 29

"Thanks for trying to cover it up, Dad, but I queefed!" Nobody would believe your denial, so making it grosser is the way to go.


whoisthisgirl 4

ray william johnson, mhmmm. and that's funny my dad would do that

YummiGummi 0

This is very similar to the one, but it was actually a guys mother in that one. Seems like a copied FML. Ballz to you too!

stacster 0

ummm...I guess I'm just gonna win by saying... TWO CAMELS IN A TINY CAR!

Hm. When I let one rip in public, I blame it on the dog — I bring that guy everywhere with me. Maybe I should consider getting a daughter, instead.

xoconnie 8

LOL that's something my dad would do!

ryanst 7

Am I the only one who imagined her father saying that in a very proud tone?

my dad does that ALL the except it's loud. very loud.

That's what dads do, embarrass their children. Should have laughed it off.

He beat you to it. Should've said "Ew, gross Dad!"

OH MY GOD!!! i was there, i giggled!!!!!!!!! lol what a small frieken world!!!!! :))

Or just start flinching every time he turns to you in the store.

No matter how bad a fart is I really cant imagine anyone actually GAGGING.

jessi_ld 2

ahaha!!! love the picture there! as for this "fml" not an fml! just about everyone has had the blame game pulled on them!

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Dang #6 that's a little violent don't ya think? I wouldn't wanna get punched in the crotch every time I make a joke. lol.

mariet_fml 23

"Oh no, I am NOT taking the blame for your ass!" Simple.

sweetGApeach420 0

hahaha my mom used to do that to me all the time.

Annies 17

Same- my mom would make fart noises and then blame them on me. In public. it was not funny the first time and I’d repeatedly tell her to stop and it makes me uncomfortable, but she just kept on...

Dibman 3

Poor you. My dad does shit like that all the time except my sisters always get away with it and i'm the one who gets the blame :( I know how you feel lol

First one said it spread! First one knew it blew it! Say these lines! lol

DakotaCat 4

Blaming a fart on your daughter is like blaming a bald asian man for leaving his blond hair on the carpet. No ones gunna believe him cuz we know it's biologically impossible for girls to fart