By oops - 04/03/2016 21:28 - United States - Mankato

Today, I accidentally farted while shopping. There was an awkward silence followed by a god-awful stink and a lady's little girl bursting into tears. FML
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But what if OP accidentally farts while running?

We all make mistakes, after all... we are human. Don't sweat it OP, nobody is going to remember it and you probably won't see those people again. Just make sure to not eat too much mexican/indian food before planning to do some shopping next time.

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Plot twist the girl was crying because she hadn't smelt something so intoxicating and made her weep tears of joy.

When I fart when shopping, I swiftly move elsewhere before the smell hits.

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You have to move slowly or the smell will follow you.

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Go to the bathroom then >.>

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That calls for those Japanese Charcoal Activated Butt Pads.

Dude. That's bad. Idk if I should be impressed or worried ;)

I will never, ever understand why such a big deal is made about a fart. We all do them whether we admit it or no so just let rip. Besides, there's nought funnier!

snarkytruth 37

Your right it should be considered no worse than a yawn or hiccup. (I think they can be really funny.) However "eliminating" the stress and embarrassment would make them mundane and all the humor would "evaporate". I'd rather they be funny and everyone have a collection of good fart stories. It's one of the few things that can keep even the mightiest ego humble.

You can normalize it, but it doesn't eliminate the god awful smell.