By Emmy - 02/10/2011 06:36 - United States

Today, while I was on the up escalator, a small woman in front of me farted directly into my face. FML
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Maybe because she's on a escalator.

Sorry I read elevator... I made a mistake but thanks for pointing out that it said escalator :)


Well did it smell? And how is ur face near her bottom?

Maybe because she's on a escalator.

You're Fucking retarded.

Sorry I read elevator... I made a mistake but thanks for pointing out that it said escalator :)

How is this an FML, you got farted on. Get over it, stop being a little pussy and clothes line her into a nursing home.

yamatelle 19

26 has obviously never been farted on, especially with a 'silent, but deadly' one. The smell goes up your sinuses and lingers for a couple of hours, so that all you can smell is shit. That's not something you can just get over easily.

Hopefully the smell wasn't deadly. Usually the silent farts (not sure if they're called farts) are the deadly ones that usually happen in public crowded places, yuck.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Was your mouth open?

At least she wasn't a big woman? (:

74- I don't think size makes a difference my brothers girlfriend, weighs no more than like 120 and she's slim slender, makes the most disgusting farts. Plus it's about what you eat. More protein in your diet the more stinky. At least this is what I've heard.

Georgieeporgiee 9

I believe you just got owned!

elizabeth9m 4

Love is in the air (:

Shove a silencer up her ass and hang a car freshener there too

Palirose, it's actually carbohydrates that make you fart stinkier. You know, bread, potato, chips, lollies ...

Gloria_GDA 0

That's really gross. My grandma farted on me once, when I was about 17.

kbobcat 0

That stinks.

Next time when you're with the elderly, put a match between their cheeks and explore your curiosity.

Cool story, bro/ sis

Gloria_GDA 0

Wow. It's sis btw.

Epic fail for you to stand so close to the lady in front of you. Guess u love to be farted on your face If not, u love to face someone's else butt .

It is not an epic failure to take your place in a public space. The failure is all on the part of someone so crude as to relieve themselves in the immediate vicinity of others and act like it is no big deal. It is.

tittymagic 0

He was probably a couple steps down on the escalator unless he dropped something and she timed the fart perfectly.

MichellinMan 20

Ummm... Try not to sound like an asshole in your comments. Utter thumbs down.

You must be quite short if her butt lines up with your face

Escalators are like stairs, one tier higher than the other...

exactly what I was going to say. well worded, brother

it says on the Fml that it was a small woman

kittykat1501 31

I thought it said elevator

Revenge is never the answer... But you should burp in her face.

Are you in third grade?Responding with equally poor manners is not acceptable either. How about getting the persons attention and telling them that their behavior is not appreciated. How about that?

Lady_Bee_fml 13

You mean you would actually have tapped that woman on the shoulder and told her off for farting on you? O.o

Piss on her.

Jdimp 1

smack that ass

That blows.... .... ASS!!!

Don't feel bad,so did I.

How the..I didnt blow any of those if you were wondering,This is in regards to someone who said they thought it said elevator...and apparently the Easter rabbit runs FML...

How is your face level with her butt? Not trying to be rude but you must be a midget?

Oh lmao an escalator. I read "elevator". I'm an idiot...carry on

skyttlz 32

It's ok so did I

txgirl2013 14

Did you give her the stank face?

More like did she give u the stinky legg?

At least she's small