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  juicystar777  |  4

that's crazy! they're just being negative nelly's :( by the sound of it (or the type of it..haha, see what I did there?!) it sounded like you performed well. even if you didn't, congratulations!! :) keep your head up.

By  deviable  |  9

Well maybe they were looking for a different type of nervous. Or maybe they're stupid. Try mentioning it to them and see if you can get a better score.

  swimmersrok  |  0

I agree. Maybe your teacher or whoever gave you the score was like confused or something, so if i were you, i would just point out that you were supposed to be nervous. I hope you get the points back!


Teacher: Here are your points!
OP: What? Minus points for being nervous? I was supposed to be nervous!
Teacher: How do you feel now?
OP: Pretty upset!
Teacher: Oh, minus 5 more points, you're supposed to be nervous!
(Sorry OP, there's just no winning in this situation.)