By Jessica - 28/02/2012 19:38 - United States

Today, I got my score back for the monologue I performed. I got points taken off for "seeming nervous." My character was supposed to be nervous. FML
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Seems like you should get bonus points for being so convincing!

They're probably just jealous of your talent ;)


Seems like you should get bonus points for being so convincing!

thiscrazything 1

Congratulations, as you did a great job! Too bad for you, that the scorer did not.

You were such a great actor, you fooled the judge! Thumbs up, OP! I'm envious :)

They're probably just jealous of your talent ;)

juicystar777 4

that's crazy! they're just being negative nelly's :( by the sound of it (or the type of it..haha, see what I did there?!) it sounded like you performed well. even if you didn't, congratulations!! :) keep your head up.

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12- You have nice hair. That's where it ends for you.

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^ oh, alright..thank you? I think. hahaha :)

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OP, all it means is that you're just a really good actor.

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12: Do you even read what you type before you submit it?

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And the hunt for 12's seemingly nonexistent comment begins... Thanks guys.

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Well maybe they were looking for a different type of nervous. Or maybe they're stupid. Try mentioning it to them and see if you can get a better score.

I agree. Maybe your teacher or whoever gave you the score was like confused or something, so if i were you, i would just point out that you were supposed to be nervous. I hope you get the points back!

AntiLove187 4

Drama teachers are annoying. -_- sorry

Teacher: Here are your points! OP: What? Minus points for being nervous? I was supposed to be nervous! Teacher: How do you feel now? OP: Pretty upset! Teacher: Oh, minus 5 more points, you're supposed to be nervous! (Sorry OP, there's just no winning in this situation.)

48- Whoops, accidental thumb-down instead of up. Sorry!

itsmelaura 1

They're drama teachers for a reason... They know when someone is actually nervous.

55 - Whoops, intentional thumb-down instead of up. Sorry!

Hey, it just means you're good at conveying your character!

Maybe you seemed nervous in between the monologue and they couldn't tell the difference in your performance?

How can she be so nervous when she's always stoned?

madgrinchhatter 12

You can't "act" like Krusty Stewart because Krusty Stewart can't act.

betseyville 6

Maybe it's because you don't know what a monologue is.

Do you really think OP would give a monologue, not knowing what a monologue is?

You're both stupid. The person said that because OP is so stupid they can't even spell monologue properly.

@66: You're an idiot, there's more than one way to spell monologue/monolog.

No, there is ONLY ONE WAY to spell monologue correctly. You're an idiot.

madgrinchhatter 12

You can spell it any way you want but there is only one way to spell it correctly. I can spell hairbrush with an f if I want to but it doesn't make it correct