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  HahaHokayThen  |  10

When I'm taking a shower & the bottle is technically empty, I fill it up with water & shake it & pour it on my head cause of all the leftover shampoo inside. & then you know... I go & buy some more.

  ntherewas1  |  11

I wonder how she almost 'knocked herself out cold' by attempting to get shampoo out. Is she saying that she directly squeezes the shampoo out of the bottle onto her head? If she does, I would recommend maybe squeezing it first onto her hand and then applying it onto her head.

  flockz  |  19

thanking for describing it clearer doc. i was confused as to how one could knock themselves out with a shampoo bottle, but it makes sense now. i was picturing her whacking herself in the face with it.


Today, while playing soccer, I was kicked so hard in the shin that my tibia snapped. The snap was so loud that even the audience heard. As we waited for an ambulance, my mom started yelling for me to get off the field so the game could continue. FML

By broken_tibia / Friday 10 December 2010 17:30 / Canada
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