By Courtney - 12/11/2011 21:13 - United States

Today, only after I almost knocked myself out cold with the shampoo bottle, did I finally get some out. FML
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Next time try shaking the bottle violently into your hand rather than directly onto your head, dumbass.


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Good luck explaining that one

Maybe you shouldn't have been slamming it against your head...?

It must take skill to almost knock yourself out with a shampoo bottle; almost fascinating, really.

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when people ask about that black eye you have, lie and say that it was from getting into a fight with someone 10x bigger than you like spongebob did >;D

There really should be directions on those things, I'm with you OP

I wonder if op knows it's NOT illegal to buy more shampoo

At least you didn't have to shove poop down the drain with your big toe...

When I'm taking a shower & the bottle is technically empty, I fill it up with water & shake it & pour it on my head cause of all the leftover shampoo inside. & then you know... I go & buy some more.

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We prepare for the zombie apocalypse

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Well.. at least you got your shampoo.

Time for a new bottle! U shouldn't have to work so hard to get shampoo

Hey Snooki, shoo! Get out the comments section. What have told you about commenting, huh? No seriously, you really look like Snooki.

She looks more like an oompa loompa to me, but than again, Snooki and an oompa loompa look like long lost twins.

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Ok I REALLY hate Snooki, but don't be mean to an innocence commenter!

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... At least you got it out! :D but ydi for not being able to open a shampoo bottle.

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Don't blame her,those things are really hard to open!

She didn't say she couldn't open it. She said she couldn't get the shampoo out.

More than two shakes and ur playing with it

I wonder how she almost 'knocked herself out cold' by attempting to get shampoo out. Is she saying that she directly squeezes the shampoo out of the bottle onto her head? If she does, I would recommend maybe squeezing it first onto her hand and then applying it onto her head.

Smooth. Really wanted to get your money's worth huh?

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Next time try shaking the bottle violently into your hand rather than directly onto your head, dumbass.

flockz 19

thanking for describing it clearer doc. i was confused as to how one could knock themselves out with a shampoo bottle, but it makes sense now. i was picturing her whacking herself in the face with it.

It can't be entirely her fault, right? I mean if the bottle doesn't have a warning label on it how is she suppose to know what not to do?

Next time, add a few drops of water to it and viola! (:

I guess that sucks? The only waste of time more pointless than reading this FML was writing this comment.