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Today, I took the bus to work. A sweet old lady got on after and sat next to me. Halfway there, she fell asleep, her head on my shoulder. I gently tried to wake her up before my stop. She wasn't sleeping. I let a dead woman lie on me for 30 minutes. FML
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O holy. That must've been REALLY awkward. There's no way you would've known she was dead! You don't deserve that! FYL. =(

That is terrible...I hope for the best for that lady's family.


O holy. That must've been REALLY awkward. There's no way you would've known she was dead! You don't deserve that! FYL. =(

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If someone died on me, I probably would've freaked out. This reminds me of the episode of That 70's Show when Eric says to his grandma, "Would it kill you to be nice?" and then she dies. :)

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biggest FML ever, but aren't you at the police station now or something? seems fake that you would post it right after such a traumatizing experience

Didn't the SAME EXACT thing happen to a woman on a plane in a previous post? I smell "fayyyyyyke" all over this one.

She said nothing about posting it at that moment. Besides, most people don't post them until days later.

Haha, most people post their FML's days, weeks, or even months later.

I doubt it's fake my dad had the same thing happen to him on a ski lift when he was little but he knew the woman was dead and the ski lift got stuck. so he waited 20 minutes with dead woman ontop of him

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it does say in the begining "today"

#384 stfu 16 year olds cant work with the PD you have to have certain education, ive seen a dead body too and i agree that its not a huge deal but letting a rotting corpse lay on me for half an hour is not only physically nasty but could be traumatizing to some in conclusion your a douche, OP im sorry you went through this

That's horrible! I'm so sorry, that must have been traumatizing! FYL.

#316 He dosen't need to be traumatized from this. He didn't even know her. I've was in such a situation when I was ten. My step-grandmother died in the washroom and I didn't know about it until about an hour after her death. This did not leave a scar. Call me hartless but I barely shed a tear. I knew her more than he knew this lady. But then again it depends on the person #384 I have to disagree with 397, it could be possible that you do work with the police though hardly likely, you need the education. But why announce it to the world. By saying that, no one would believe you especialy by saying that you've seen tons of dead bodies. It is very understandable that the guy was freaked out by the dead body leaning on him for about half an hour. someone who works with the police would not go around boasting about it. I'm sorry you had to have that happen to you. :(

suck a dick bitch it's a huge deal you say " u saw dead bodys and ur 16 and work with police" bs and if you did they any of them die on you so stfu

dumb ugly bitch ugly photo btw u look discusting

why would they lie it's not like the take their time to make stories up

oh, I'm sorry for a mistype 388. I meant to say ride along. and seriously. dead bodies are no worse than sleeping ones. unless they void there bowels on you. that would suck ass.

Well, look on the bright side...... wait a minute.

umm thanks for the info but most people find that scary we dont all see dead bodies

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387 so does every other fml.

Wow that is siriusly not cool idk why people would say she deserved it

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384, You are the most ignorant human-being on planet earth. Go **** yourself stupid ass bitch.

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#401, what the hell are you talking about?

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Unless she died with her eyes open. I'm guessing she didn't though. ^_^

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You can work with the police at 16..its called police cadets..I did it..saw lots of dead bodies..

Wow I can't believe all the creepers who said they'd feel up a dead person. That's a human being! Come on People have some respect

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What the hell is your issue dude?

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16, and you work with the police sometimes. Bullshit.

#384 Last time I checked, girls don't have balls.

You work with the police sometimes? You cant even go on a ride along with parental permission and you can't join the reserves until 18 so no, you don't work with the police. Go back to playing with dolls little girl.

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484 does calling a person a human being make it worse now or something?

384..... everybody cares about what you have to say so much.... cool necklace, I bet a lot of people could agree you have huge balls!!!!!!!!!

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Doesn't add up working for the police at 16 trying to be tough and trust me I've seen crap you never get used to it :( sorry but your being a bitch

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407 I agree with the fact ou can work in the police force our school has CTC (career tech) and you can start it at 16 and alot of my friends aredoig it with the police department

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Call of duty doesn't count. -.-

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1- Umm, when people die, they usually throw up blood, and go cold. Your telling me that OP didn't know?

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1st thing. Who wouldn't scream or freak out if there's a dead body. Second, if you work with the police, ur solving problems or doing the killing. Grow some brains, not balls

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611- that's not usual unless they were very sick...

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That's how you are supposed to Start an FML. It tells you when you most them.

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I'd like ******* shit myself and like jump out the window fyl *shudders*

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how does a 16 year old work with the police?

384 , seriously you are stupid and you have no feelings , that's why I am going to call you bitch , bitch

611 - I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are. I don't know whether or not you're trolling or just retarded..

At least he didn't slightly move away and had her fall on the ground... Wow that's mean.

I do you even recover from that?! That's just not something one can "shrug off". That shit stays with you. Forever. Haunting you day in and day out. I feel creepy just thinking about it all!

<p>16yr olds don't work with the police. but ofc no one on the internet would ever lie about something.</p>

Blunt person 16
Blunt person 16

Yeah. She just wants attention. Police won't let you anywhere near them until you're 19, where I'm from

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Idiot do u have even half of a brain you dip-shit. #2 I suggest you get a life.

would you be laughing if it was you? No. I don't think so.

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thats sooo shouldnt say LOL at a dead person!!

sorry everybody but that's kinda funny. just us people with ****** up senses of humor and are probably future serial killers find it hilarious.

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it is funny and sad at the same time :o

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wow you laugh at dead ppl what a ******* bitch

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it's funny because a fricken lady died on her shoulder while riding the bus which made it extremely awkward for op, and imagining that maybe the lady planned it though I highly disbelieve that, and because she died on a city buss. However it is sad because she died.

screw you ya dick. I hope that happens to you.

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Am I the only one that fail to realize what's funny?

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Lmao i thought it was funny too. **** you for caring about a random old lady

#635 To someone you are just a random person. Are you saying that no one should care if you die? Realize that to someone that women mattered. She made a difference in somebody's life and for that reason it is merely incredibly offensive to say "LOL."

That is so mean!!! How do you have the guts to laugh at a dead person?!??! Poor lady!!!! May she rest in peace. :( ????

Thts really not something you shoul laugh about... Dont you guys have ANY respect for the dead?? Shut up an get a life instead of laughing at the death of an old lady

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I agree I'm not gonna care bout some random dead person. And I don't give a **** if I die and some random person don't care they don't know me so u Dafuq even care

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The dicks that laughed at this wouldn't even be polite enough to let someone rest on their shoulder. FtheirL's

She was old! AND DEEEEEAAAAAAD you freak!

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i didn't mean to put that! This is sad

You twisted, sick, heartless, worthless piece of shit. ROT IN HELL YOU SICK ****!!!!!!

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I don't find it funny but i do find your comment about Dane Cook to be funny. Lol're literally dumb as shit. Like, "oh god, what's wrong with you?!" levels of dumb... Your parents must be so proud.

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I don't get what you guys are talking about. This app was made for people to laugh at other people's misfortunes, and I find this funny. So can everyone shut the **** up and appreciate this guy's comment.

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#667, how about you shut the **** up and get a life. This app was made for people to laugh, and we are not laughing at the dead person, dumbass. We're laughing at the misfortune the guy had that he had a lady die on him.

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799 It wasn't specified by the first guy that he was laughing at OP's unfortune. So don't blame the people for saying his comment is ****** up. i think it's **** up

I think it's only you who is high on this website. Go elsewhere

#810 Yes. Take then to myspace, where they shall never be seen.

He could be making a cocaine or meth joke

Dane cook is actually funny. You're not.

This is actually pretty funny. Then again I'm high as well xD.

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nobwats terriblebis eating the head of a smal childs hamster and rubing the blood on his plastic cage then returning it to said child

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I never thought I'd truly hate anyone on the Internet, but you disgust me. get a life

447 - Please consider reading a ******* dictionary and use proper grammar. Dip shit...

I find your picture ironic. Just read the FML about "dropping the b•••• off, miss you...... Names not Megan. Not even close.."

That's not funny.. at all. She could be someones gramma.

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I wonder if they explained to the family what the old lady was doing before she died?

so? makes no differnce. dead is dead. we all will die one day get use to it.

omg she could have also been someones wife, daughter, sister, and many more holy crap!!! Yeh they died, if I died does that mean I could have been someones brother or son? wow amazing how that works isn't it?

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Could? But you knows she's someone's daughter, point is even hitler had people who loved him. I don't see why we have to get attached to someone we will never get a chance to meet.

@656 NOE, she is someone's grandma, except just dead. ;(

That is terrible...I hope for the best for that lady's family.

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Wow. That sucks; FYL man. WTF is wrong with you #2? That isn't funny.

Not **** Op's life, **** the old lady's -former- life.