By Em - 15/10/2009 06:12 - France

Today, my boyfriend accidentally called me from his pocket. I thought it would be funny to see what him and his friends were talking about. I laughed when I heard him talking about us fooling around until I realized it wasn't me. FML
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So. Is the OP implying that her boyfriend is cheating on her? Or was he talking about girls he fooled around with in the past? If it's the latter: anyone who says "YDI" is a ******* moron. If YOUR partner accidentally calls you and YOU listen to him talk about cheating on you, HOW is that your ******* fault? Yes, the minor issue is that she "eavesdropped". But sure, let's all forget that he's ******* cheating on her. Jesus christ, people. These boards are so ******* sexist sometimes. If the genders had been swapped, I'm sure there'd be a zillion "she's a ****" comments by now.


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Piss her of what? Your comment doesn't make sense.. ;)

Why would she not listen, if he called her? Are you the ***** he was fooling around with? :)

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Fyl, u didn't know he was going to say that. Maybe it's a joke.....haha... Yea,but that sucks

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He deserved it for not using the keypad lock feature.

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And your a rude ass bitch , he accidentally called her. **** his life!

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Wow, you're an idiot. Rather she know, and do something about it. Than not knowing, and be with some asshole like you.

agreed...yes the OP was listening into a private conversation which isn't right but he/she had good reason to! and i think the point has been missed if you think the OP deserves it...the fml isn't about the phone call, its about the fact that the boyfriend is a cheater, which would still be the same if the OP didn't listen to the phone call.

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I would have totally listened too.

I once accidentally called my boyfriend while I was in class and he decided to listen to the conversation... He just heard me talking to my lab group and saying some physics jargon while we worked on an experiment =P