By monogamous - 28/10/2010 09:26 - Australia

Today, I met my husband's other wife. FML
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I like this kind of FMLs- simple, short and depressing.

Wait until you meet your husband's other wife's husband, and then HIS other wife, and then... Somehow it'll go back to Kevin Bacon.


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YDI for not making enough sammiches so he had to find a second sammich maker to please him. Simple solution make more sammiches.

don't you just hate it when that happens?

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I live in Australia and did Legal Studies this year, and I can tell you this FML is impossible. In order to legally marry someone in Australia, the couple needs to provide not only a birth certificate as proof of ID to the celebrant, but if they have been previously married they need to provide either a death certificate or show satisfactorily that they are divorced, plus the celebrant does all the paper work and so it's just not possible in Australia to be married to two people at once. Still a funny FML though even though it's not possible (unless the guy faked who he was, which would be really hard and unlikely)...

1 liner!!! Yay! First FML I've read all the way through today...

I had a hard time clicking on this one...

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Wow, he's a douche. Divorce him ASAP.

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What the hell is wrong with your face? you look like a mangled hooker.

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lmao # 56....I totally agree!!!!

lmao 56 every time I come on here I winder who the crack ***** is. I see her every time!!! mustn't have much to do wen it's not hooking.. wait.. is it a man????!!!

Pshh #61 you just jealious of her face and her swift outfit. I'd like to see you dispicable face

lmao 69, callin her a crack ***** ahahaha you obviously havent looked in a mirrior lately xD

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Comment moderated? Aw shucks, missed all the insults. How upsetting.

mintcar idk if anyone told you but your picture is upside down

sooo did u get along with her?? best friends forever right??? :D

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Damn. You know what they say, 2 is nice, but 3 is a crowd.

oh and here I thought it was 2 is company, 3 is a divorce...

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Hell I have 4 wives and they all love each other! The trick is finding the perfect woman (four times of course) and making sure they get along with each other. Saves me from doing all the house work.

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that was incredibly lame, the Utah comment was idiotic. I don't like your piercings, you are ugly.... see those are just as judgmental and annoying.

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Polygamy is legal in Utah you dumb ****, it was not being judgmental at all.

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oh wow, how ******* stupid are you! look it up you slag, polygamy is a 2nd degree felony in Utah. just because there are sects that still practice, doesn't mean it's legal dumass. there are other religions that are polygamists, that and entire tribes in s America and Africa.

You overreacted. You can inform without being rude... :)

Wait until you meet your husband's other wife's husband, and then HIS other wife, and then... Somehow it'll go back to Kevin Bacon.

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Polygamist rule 7 degrees of Bacon/ Tom Arnold? anyone?

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Ouch! that does suck something awful OP