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Today, my husband and I were talking about names for our expectant child. I told him since I named our daughter he could name our son. He's decided on a name from 'God of War'. My son is going to be named after a make-believe cartoon character - Kratos. FML
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  SpearD  |  4

Kratos is the main character from God Of War, who exacts revenge on the god of war, furthermore making himself the god of war. But yes, Kronos is a mythical Titan.

  Link5794  |  18

I think Cronus is an alternative spelling.

  randome101  |  12

The K and C are switched sometimes I believe, to settle this Kronos/Cronus thing. I think cyclops can also be switched with kyklops. Weird, just something I read when doing school research on cyclopes

  Brighton_Cruz  |  20

you're all wrong. kronos=greek cronus=roman. same dude, different names. just like zeus=greek and jupiter=roman. romans took the greeks ideas and gods and renamed them and changed them slightly.

  leticiax3  |  0

agreeed; & just bc its "he turn to pick" it doesn't mean you need to name your kid some stupid name like that or just a name you dont like, grow a pear & speak upp!

  desoto96  |  9

650 that was funny, but back to #2. I think compromise is the best route for names. My dad wanted to name my little brother diesel and my mom wanted Asher. So they decide Asher as the first and diesel as the middle, but we still call him diesel lol.

  DoomSkuller  |  28

Kratos and Ares are not the same
Ares' Roman aspect is Mars
Kratos in traditional Greek myth is the god of strength and power, son of the Titans Pallas and Styx
He and his brothers Nike (victory), Bia (force) and Zelus (zeal) were enforcers for Zeus

By  mrdotkom  |  0

Kratos is an awesome name. Why would you ever want that changed? I bet you would have picked a common and boring name like Joeseph. I wish i had an awesome name like Kratos