By Anonymous - Australia - Redland Bay
Today, my grandpa was visiting. My neighbors started blasting out rap music, as they've done nearly 24/7 for months, telling me to fuck off when I complain. He went over and screamed he'd gut them like fish if they didn't pipe down. They did. He's 68 and still more intimidating than me. FML
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  Airman1988  |  9

The grandpa could have seen some crazy shit in some past wars to make him someone not to fuck with, or he could just be a bad ass in general, either way he gets the job done

  Krajjan  |  9

My grandpa was like that. The man spent three years of his life as a Marine in the Korean War. He always said, 'The day I find something more intimidating that the entire Chinese army is the day I back down'. I'm pretty sure his stare alone killed more people than smallpox.

  srgsk9  |  9

When a 68 year old man walks over to a group of people with a giant hunting knife and tells them he is going to "gut them like fish," you'd better damn well listen, or you're getting gut like a fish!

  Link5794  |  18

You just don't mess with old people unless they're creepy.

  Sandman366  |  6

32: Elderly retired marines - scarier than when they were still in the military. (Give them a cane and me a gun, I'm still running the hell away. Wimp? Yes. I kinda like living though.)

  Neorecon19  |  18

My foster father is 76 and he still looks like he could take someone almost 50 years younger than him. He could probably run you through with his golf clubs if he tried.

  bigtaytay  |  13

I'd say they're intimidating because back in their day you could get away with more than you could today, like they could beat their kids and stuff. So the threats they give are dead serious

  ConBroChilll  |  9

95 - because your a toolbag who has a fucking terrible haircut and wear hollister. plus their intelligence and experience with the world is far more superior to yours and your "swag". Personally i respect them because of what my elders have done. My grandfather is one of the last mathmations(i dont know haow to spell it correctly) alive who have worked on the manhattan project. He worked hand on hand with Oppenheimer and Einstein. Allan Vorwald. look him up. 93 years old and still remembers in details what the first conputer looked like. and that is why i respect them.

  Bright_Lights  |  14

I was simply asking a question, so why you feel the need to personally insult me I don't understand. Your grandfather sounds like a brilliant man, who achieved a great amount for both himself and humanity, therefore I respect him. What I don't respect is people who say we should respect our elders simply because they're older than us - respect is earned through experience, not granted with age.

  Bright_Lights  |  14

By the people who spout 'respect your elders; they're older/wiser/more experienced etc' logic, I should respect a 70 year old man, even though his house is paid for by the government, he's never had a job and lives off the government, alcohol and drug addicted, beats his wife and children and occasionally rapes his teenage daughter, simply because he's older than me? Do you see my point?

By  Mioko_fml  |  6

Some people tend to respect elderly more. But yeah at least they quiet down, who cares whether you did the job or your grandpa did.

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Oops 3 already said what I wanted to say, kinda

By  sens3sfailing  |  24

Not much is scarier than a guy who looks like he has seen some fucked up shit and threatens to do fucked up shit if you don't do what they say. I would have turned my music off too! But I probably would have listened even when OP asked.