By Alex - 30/09/2009 06:46 - Belgium

Today, I was notified that I've been going to the wrong courses for 4 weeks. A friend of mine was the only person to tell me that the administration had taken the privilege to change my courses. I have now failed 5 courses due to absences and have been suspended from college for 6 months. FML
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can they just do that?? Can't you complain / explain the situation?

Go talk to your course coordinator and explain the situation, it's not the end of the world. On the bright side, you can take some time to travel.


can they just do that?? Can't you complain / explain the situation?

Go talk to your course coordinator and explain the situation, it's not the end of the world. On the bright side, you can take some time to travel.

that would definitely be the end of the world for me too. say bye bye to graduate school.

if you are too dumb to realize that an administrative screwup can be handled more effectively than just calculating in the failed classes as normal, there isn't much point in attending grad school in the first place.

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I was about to say that Colleges don't check attendance and it just matters if you show up for class when you have tests or similar things. Plus the classes are huge so you could bs and say you were there. Then I realized it was belgium :/

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um not all college classes are like that...every semester I have had at least 1 class with mandatory attendance, and this is usually even more common when you start taking classes for your major. No wonder so many ignorant high schoolers call "FAKE!1111 ZOMG STFU" on every FML.

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I agree with that somewhat, but chances are that the majority (even if just 51%) of classes don't check and so my comment applied to the majority of classes. Also ignorant highschoolers saying "FAKE!1111 ZOMG STFU?" Which one of us is using proper grammar right now? Oh right, me. Also I never said fake I just stated something that is true. Good try though, better luck next time.

All of my college classes at both the college and the university I attended check attendance every day, and I'm in the US, so...

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Big lecture classes usually don't take attendance, but there are a few small classes that do. It's really hard to take attendance in a class of 200. What most of my profs do to make sure people come to class is have random pop quizzes. In one of my classes the prof doesn't take attendance, but we have a quiz everyday over the readings that were assigned.

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I go to a small university where there's only about 20 students per class. If you miss more than 7 days of class you automatically fail. So yeah. Some schools DO check attendence. But still, OP, didn't you register/verify your classes on the first day? Every school I know of does that. You have to sign verifying that you're taking the courses written on the paper. And I've NEVER heard of them just randomly putting you into a class that you haven't agreed to sign up for.

I have a large lecture class where the professor takes attendance. He just sends around a sheet with all the names and a place for you to sign next to it.

#4, I go to a small private school where the largest class I have ever attended was 40 people. Most classes are around 20. And almost all of the profs take attendance. And I live in the US.

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Look at the bright side, at least your boyfriend's getting some ass


= =..SYL..but can the school administration change your courses without your opinions?..illegal i think

Surely the college needs you to sign that you accept those changes? On those grounds they have to let you back in!

... you would have been told you weren't in the class if you weren't on the list

Yeah, if they take attendance they or you must have realised that you were not on the list, unless they didn't update the list... In which case you could say you weren't even on the list of the classes you were meant to be attending supposedly.

How does your friend know your classes have changed, and you do not? I'm smelling a YDI, but I need more information.

I wonder if the 'friend' works in admin and changed the classes on him... that's the only scenario I can imagine this happening.

I had a horrible dream that the same thing happened to me. Sucks for you. Hopefully you can get it cleared up somehow.

I don't see how this can happen... I'm in university, and everything is teacher's name, the room number, the time, etc. and any changes are posted there! and also, final examinations are very closely checked, you have to be on the class list and have your student I.D card (so they know it's you doing your exam and not a friend) unless your university doesn't work that way? lol

Something similar happened to my boyfriend, on his schedule he had MWF, but his teacher had him on his TTH list. Luckily he caught on to it after the second week and got it fixed.

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In colleges and schools in my state/region we don't really keep files on line/on computer since they can crash and wipe out. Also, mistakes can be made. My friends schedule got juggled up with another students, they all had the same classes but in different periods so they were both getting in trouble, not realising about what happened.