By Pepsi - 6/9/2020 14:02 - United States

Social reform, please

Today, I saw my grandfather kick my dog, who is a 6-pound chihuahua, across the room. When I confronted him about it, he screamed at me for having "too much sex during the apocalypse" and "invading my brain with your pancakes." This man is my legal guardian for 3 more years. FML
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By  Jonkbaby  |  20

OP, I know this sounds crazy, but sit down and have a talk with him, just about life or how the day is going. Not only is it a pandemic, but there is an election going on. lot of reasons to fear the unknown. older people feel more scared, they just have no idea to express that. all their life they've been taught to not show that type of vulnerability. have some tea or a hamburger and ask about stuff, anything, good ole days, etc

By  grumblebum  |  16

Is this normal for him or is it out of character? If it's normal, sorry for you but if it's out of character he needs to see a doctor as there may be something really wrong.

A friend's mother went through a change of personality, she had been a caring mother but started getting mean. Even she could see it and took herself to get checked out. They found a tumour.

A series of mini strokes changed my Grandfather's behaviour.