By thatstinks - 07/04/2011 03:12 - Iceland

Today, I finally found out what the weird sour smell that's been in my dorm room for a while is. My roommate's sweat. FML
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yea I actually got a first! now for something intelligent to say... hmmm nah I got nothin...

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agree lol ;) u rvery cute btw =p

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and I just happen to have a fetish for sweat

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YUK ! give your room mate deodarant or perfume or something. yuuk ...

hmmm April in Iceland, open the window. It will air out the room and freeze your roommate so they aren't sweating anymore :) and if you don't have a window.... fyl

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well u know what your buying him for his birthday?? some soap for a start and I'm guessing his single!!

this seems to be a global pandemic lately. I propose a worldwide hygeine day, accompanied by sweet little cartoons showing how to use deodorant so even the biggest idiot can get the concept. c'mon people it's really gross to be smelly

Ew. Some people have some crazy smelling sweat.

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Mine smells like one of those tree-shaped car air fresheners. Swag.

and they should be applauded for expressing themselves through odour

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I have a manly musky odor which makes the ladies crazy. at least it did during my time in the psych hospital

it has to do with what they eat and that's what gets sweated out. it's really gross if the person eats a lot of garlic or curry eck! but really deodorant should work if it's used properly.

y do u think he was sweating that much ;)

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Because he was working VERY hard.

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Tell them: Girl you stank take a bath, girl you stank take a bath, girl you stank take a bath.

If I had someone telling me that repeatedly I would keep stankin on purpose until they shut up and moved out.

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I guess it would work because he doesn't smell his roommate anymore :D

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Damn light up those candles