By thatstinks / Thursday 7 April 2011 03:12 / Iceland
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  gutzzzz  |  0

hmmm April in Iceland, open the window. It will air out the room and freeze your roommate so they aren't sweating anymore :) and if you don't have a window.... fyl

  beatrucelynn  |  0

this seems to be a global pandemic lately. I propose a worldwide hygeine day, accompanied by sweet little cartoons showing how to use deodorant so even the biggest idiot can get the concept. c'mon people it's really gross to be smelly

  beatrucelynn  |  0

it has to do with what they eat and that's what gets sweated out. it's really gross if the person eats a lot of garlic or curry eck! but really deodorant should work if it's used properly.

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