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Today, for the third day in a row, my 10-month-old is refusing to eat any of the meals that I prepare for him. He will however eat anything semi-edible lying on the floor, cat kibble included. FML
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OP here... My son is 10 months old. I'm really at my wits' end. He had been a good eater from the start, unlike his older brother who I couldn't get to eat anything either. I set out to feed my kids all organic, home-made, fresh and so forth. I gave up with my first after having spent literally hours a day preparing healthy, nutritious and yes, tasty foods that he wouldn't touch beyond a spoon or two. My two year old grew fine on very little food and now eats the same we do. My younger. however, is tiny for his age - he wears clothes for 3mo (but developing normally, thank God, and the pedi's not concerned). I can only get him to taste a spoon of something and then it's over. But anything he picks up from the floor (bread crumbs, and yes, cat kibble (food), he will eat. And scream when I take it away from him. Maybe he's on a strike or teething or... I don't know. Maybe I should start placing food on the floor for him LOL.

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OP, I'm a nanny and I have been a preschool teacher for eight years. The key with children is not to allow them control of their diet yet at the same time do. Offer him a variety of food items, and let him eat what he wants from the plate of food. If he doesn't want to eat anything you've given him, then let him down and don't sweat it. Children will not starve themselves I promise! Be consistent with offering him foods, offer him food at ever eating time his schedule is on. Teeth are a huge issue with babies ad toddlers, as well as food textures. If your baby is teething, chances are something cool with sooth his gums and make him less grouchy/against eating. They make pouches you can shove frozen fruits or anything cold or frozen in. The child can hold them, and eat them at his leisure. I'm not sure what they are called, but it looks like a net on a ring. Now, textures are a different issue. As children grow, their soft pallet and taste buds change as well. If you notice your baby isn't into a certain food, asses the texture of it. Is it too hard, soft, mushy,etc. Then, try something with an opposite texture. Good luck, children can stress you out without even trying I know!


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that's what I was thinking. Maybe she's at that stage where she's pretending to be an animal?

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I'm guessing OP's daughter is only a toddler, so maybe she is trying to imitate the cat.

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Perhaps one of Snooki's followers?

Oh goodness. Please let her be a toddler instead of a follower...

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We can only hope for our failing generation.

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My 10 year old brother is exactly like this.... He refuses to eat anything that's over a day old or if someone else touched yet countless times he put a piece of gum or candy that he found laying on the floor of a public mall.

OP should get this checked out with a doctor if the daughter can't explain why she does it. It sounds like pica and/or anorexia (there are lots of different kinds, so not necessarily the nervosa one...)

Maybe she doesn't like your cooking....

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Either your food is absolutely disgusting, or your daughter is just in a phase. I actually know a few people that would try weird things to eat as kids, dry cat food included, but few people are willing to admit the weird things like that they have done

Age seems like a very important thing that OP left out

Am I the onlyone reading "10 months old son" ??

Ok it says 10 month old plus it's a boy not a she -.-

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Uh, guys OP's 'daughter' is actually their son...

Does anybody actually READ the FML's anymore? TEN month old SON. Says the age and gender right in the first line and somehow you missed it

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When I read the FML at first, it was daughter. Ask the other early commenters.

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Err..... How old is she?.... Don't worry she'll get real hungry soon and have to eat :)

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OP probably doesn't have any appliances on the floor, perhaps you meant put the food on the floor so she could eat it?

Don't need any appliances to make a sandwich, or salad, or...

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Serve her meals to her on the floor.

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You see the real problem is that the mom is a horrible cook

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Honestly, the only problem with this is you are teaching your child it is ok to eat off the floor. It's not ok, nor should they be enticed to eat things that aren't food. But, sometimes you choose your battles with kids and you might have the answer.

Uh, she is probably a baby. All babies do this.

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Most sensible suggestion so far! Wish I'd thought of it when my babies were putting everything off the floor in their mouths. Seriously - you can sweep and mop every hour and they'll still find something to chew on!

If she would rather eat food off the floor including cat food... I think its safe to say its time to take some cooking classes!!!

Well, this could mean one of two things: 1. Your cooking is so bad that your daughter would rather eat cat food from the floor. 2. Your daughter is going through one of those phases where making your life miserable is her favorite thing to do.

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Wait, that's a phase? It seems mine intend to make a permanent lifestyle out of making me crazier.