By Anonymous - United States - San Diego

Thin blue line

Today, I called the cops on my elderly neighbor for blaring loud war music yet again. They chatted and laughed with him on his lawn for a good half hour. As they left, he slapped the female officer's ass, only for her to just giggle about it. After they drove off, he fired up his music again. FML
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  Jonclee  |  8

I'm guessing either American patriotic songs or, more likely, daring battle music you'd play in documentaries (since OP lives in California, USA)

  CasiusCorvus  |  10

actually if he's a war vet then there's a good chance its actual music they played during the war.

In Vietnam, Americans often blasted music at night to keep the enemy from getting sleep. That's what I've heard anyway, my dad was in the Navy and he confirms they did it to each other sometimes just cause they could. Lol.

By  Rosebudx  |  32

Record audio or video evidence. Doesn't have to be of their house, but record something that catches how loud the music is. Call the police, keep recording as the sound pauses and then restarts. Then take that down to the station.


I agree with 52. Some women look at stuff like that as charming. "Oh he's just old. That's how they did stuff back then. He doesn't mean anything by it. I take it as a compliment." Etc.

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

I gotta give the old badger points for being kind of a badass. But you should definitely do something about that, especially if the police won't. Try talking to a higher-ranking officer, and make sure you have physical evidence of what's going on.