By RatCityChick - 27/06/2012 17:18 - United States - Bellevue

Today, my grandmother said she's noticed that I've been very angry lately. She came to the conclusion that I "haven't been laid enough" and my boyfriend is "not doing his job." Thanks Grandma. FML
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Grandma's just worried about her grandbaby!


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Well, she's a realist. And remember, she's probably done everything you've done (and more) at least once in her life, don't sell her short!

mylifesucks_fml 1

and you're complaining that she's telling you to go have fun (if u know what I mean)!? my grandma would be appalled and probably would prefer I lived my life in a gerbil ball!

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She probably most definitely is right! Gentlemen, if your woman is being bitchy, you can almost always solve it with sex!! Make love, not war!!!

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your boyfriends name isn't Michael is it? if it is... I see why your so angry

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If she is right, tell your boyfriend to step up his game, pronto. Buy him a spicy sex position book, or rent a female-friendly **** video. ;) If you're getting so little action that you're developing anger problems, there is an issue!

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Grandparents keeping it real once again. Lol

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Grandma's just worried about her grandbaby!

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MrRager7 1

**** off with the thumbs down you Pansy's. We both said it at the same time, he just beat me by a second.

Wow, really? Do you measure your self worth based on thumbs here? If so, I don't see you lasting very long. For the record, I wasn't going to thumb you up or down until I saw your whining. That earned you an immediate thumbs down.

MrRager7 1

Yes. I come onto fml everyday, write a comment, see how many thumbs up I get and depending on that I decide on how I feel about myself for the rest of the day. Guess you already figured me out.

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MrRager, do you have some sex issues as well? Why, so serious? :D

MrRager7 1
ThisIsMyReign 4

MrRager7, you know tampons are for girls right?

MrRager7 1

No your mom was over last night. ******.

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Haha, feels like middle school all over again. MrsRager7, mom jokes have been excluded from this session. Please, try again later.

everyone gets thumbed down sometimes, you're just going to have to deal with it.

I do think it unfair to thumbs someone down for making the same reply as someone else at the same time. It isn't like he controls time and space and should have anticipated this happenstance. Let's be more understanding. :)

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The thumbs up or down are people's opinions, and opinions are very much like ass holes. Everyone has one, but some of them just stink :)

Dang dude relax. Its either a hit or miss with the comments

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23 read his name. its only his nature

I hate when comments got modded before I can read them ): I was enjoying the unnecessary anger and shit storm :/

*Cough* No offence to anyone, or DocBastard, but I tend to find that everyone is happy with comments until DocBastard disagrees with them and then suddenly the thumbs down begin to pour in; even when similar comments have received positive feedback in the past. You're like a flock of sheep.

Discombobulated - With all due respect, the original comment has exactly 6 more thumbs down now than it did when I wrote my response. It was already getting thumbs down, hence his angry retort. Not exactly your "flock of sheep", eh?

Seriously they said it at the same time it's not his fault

If he cares about thumbs up or down that's his problem. If he wants to do something about it by saying he posted a second after, he's within his rights. No one on FML should be aiming to get people to thumb down what they think is wrong, and Doc, if that's not the case for you then fine. If people decide to follow Doc like a flock of sheep than that is their choice and if they are morally wrong then it is their own mistake.

Perhaps grandma could give you a lesson or two.

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Haha grandmas always know what to say

That's crazy that grandma thinks about your sex life

Yeah, old people shouldnt be allowed to think about such things!

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This is random but your picture is like a puzzle. Took me a while to figure out. I just knew there was hair there.

She should tell your boyfriend for you, Let him know what he's doing wrong with gestures and lists.

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Well then maybe he isn't hitting it right...

Did you really think you were going to be taken seriously? I'm sorry, you're 15. Even if you have had sex you still don't know what "hitting it right" even is. Sorry bout the rant, kids posting about sex is just a pet peeve...

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As long as they're only posting about it :)

65- 'Scuse me, but kids/teenagers have the same commenting rights as adults. I'm fourteen. I can and will post about whatever is on my mind, and she should be able to do the same. Worry about yourself. Jesus ****.

90 No ones saying you lack the right to say something, (First amendment and all that) but sometimes just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. Some things just make you look bad

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65, really? Are you trying to tell me that I don't know where my Blu-ray player's sweet spot is. I will have you know that I made sweet, sweet love to that thing for 2 years now, and I know where that ******* sweet spot is--- Oh, you were talking about kids having sex with each other. Carry on then.