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Today, my husband and I were fooling around, and things got heated. In the heat of things, I told him to tear my panties off. He took it literally and yanked at them with all his might. It's been two hours and I still can't walk straight. FML
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Tomorrow, he'll be boasting to his friends that he gave you such a good time you can't even walk.


Lol, also in **** they tear easily. At least he was being tasteful haha

Op should talk to the guy who provides Hulk Hogan his clothing. His clothes seem to rip way too easily

Yeah erm, that would be because his arms are the size of a full grown rhino's quadricep. I can only imagine the size of...

@#37 Well with all the steroids I would imagine you'd be quite disappointed, from all the wonderful steroids properties of...shrinkage in certain departments, that is...

You know what they say. Big things come in small packages...then you take they become non-existent?

I think it's 'good' things come in small packages...

Fluffasuars_Rawr 15

and my mind went straight to the gutter after the dots...

Except his shorts. That shit never tears.

I think you're confused with The Hulk... Hulk Hogan is someone else

You've never seen Hulk Hogan rip his tank tops?

Tomorrow, he'll be boasting to his friends that he gave you such a good time you can't even walk.

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Well technically he did hurt her in bed.

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Im still wondering if she can't walk straight because of the panties getting ripped or because of OP's name.

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I didn't even realize until that comment. ;-;

Sounds like you had a great time! how is this an fml?

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Obviously OP didn't have a good time. He ripped off her panties with such might, she can't walk. I'm sure that's not a pleasant experience.

I think I would be angrier that he ripped potentially expensive panties. Dear men, Lingerie is pricey. Sincerely, Women everywhere.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Damn straight lingerie is expensive. It's the perfect gift for both parties, but it's not too hard spending 40+ bucks on a matching pair of bras and panties. It's always worth the money to see them in it though.

Dear Women Everywhere! Man will be man and will continue to have fantasies and will do all they can to fulfill them. Lingerie is expensive, it is true. Feeling loved an desired is priceless. Stupid Men Who refuse to be tamed

Dear woman who buy pricey underwear, Don't tell your man to tear them off of you. Just get up and take them off seductively. He was not in the wrong for doing what he was told.

Poetaster 10

Dear women... Sex is a serious business to us men.. If you dont want it, dont ask for it!!

From personal experience, there's no point buying expensive lingerie because men will always prefer you naked.

Dear women, there is no better way to feel manly than ripping panties off your bodies. Sincerely, men everywhere.

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Alas most men have no taste...

Well judging from what OP said, they never actually tore

5- Or communicate her desires a little clearer next time. :p

BlueFlatts 20

Husband: Wedgie!! Oh wait, that's not what you wanted. Sorry babe.

vanessa09865 23

Which way did he rip? Because if he ripped upwards, then he obviously has no idea what he's doing. You 'rip' downwards to get the panties off faster

From experience, if you pull too fast downward they can get caught in the lips and that hurts

Jesus Christ how big are these lips you speak of??

Should have told him to gently remove your undergarments so you could begin sexual intercourse. No confusion to be had there.

Yes but saying that isnt exactly a turn on is it?

Sure blame it on the panties that making you not walk straghit.

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Had to learn that lesson the hard way :/