By fuck my arse - / Thursday 8 August 2013 22:15 / United Kingdom - Reading
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  gallaeo  |  21

@#37 Well with all the steroids I would imagine you'd be quite disappointed, from all the wonderful steroids properties of...shrinkage in certain departments, that is...

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Damn straight lingerie is expensive. It's the perfect gift for both parties, but it's not too hard spending 40+ bucks on a matching pair of bras and panties. It's always worth the money to see them in it though.

  DarthVader77  |  9

Dear Women Everywhere!

Man will be man and will continue to have fantasies and will do all they can to fulfill them. Lingerie is expensive, it is true. Feeling loved an desired is priceless.

Stupid Men Who refuse to be tamed

  webbface  |  25

Dear woman who buy pricey underwear,
Don't tell your man to tear them off of you. Just get up and take them off seductively. He was not in the wrong for doing what he was told.

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