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By NoMagicMike - 27/06/2012 16:53 - United States - La Crescent

Today, I was assigned to work on a huge project with Michael. Michael refers to himself in the third person, constantly mumbles unintelligibly to himself, doesn't smile, laugh or make eye contact, and refuses to address me directly. I'll be stuck with him for about four months. FML
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DocBastard approves of Michael.

Maybe he is autistic


DocBastard approves of Michael.

DocBastard doesn't make eye contact? TheDrifter likes that, eye contact makes TheDrifter uncomfortable.

Well OP, if you act the same way, y'all win get along fine! (let him do the work)

Resume commenting Doc. FML needs you now more than ever.

DocBastard remind me of Dr. House

49- That... that was so sweet...

Doc, I have to agree with 49. It's my lifelong dream to comment beside you! Well, not really. I'm not that sad. But I still would like to keep seeing you around. As for the FML. I'm kind of wondering if Michael himself wrote this.

52- NEVER compare Doc to House. EVER. He hates House.

Thanks for the laugh, 63.

I'm with you there 63, being even 1/16th as good as Doc would make me the happiest FMLer out there, if Doc leaves I will leave! Everyone! Join the "If Doc Leaves we leave too" campaign!

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Op are you Michael ? Lol

Look at his screen name...

Doc, I'm glad you're still around commenting and such. If you leave FML, just please don't stop blogging too!!!

Did anyone else wonder if Michael is OP? Just a thought.

I dunno why I find this funny.

Michael on the other hand is well suited to see a psychiatrist.....

Blackhawk706 aspires to be more like Michael.

Time to take up drinking!!

Yes, since drinking solves everything ._.

it does if this Michael is similar to one I know -_-

Tell Michael, OP shall do the same.

I'm not like that at all, op!

Wtf does op mean

Orange Pony

58- I'll save you the jokes of- orangutan porn, obvious poopstain, ovary puncher, and other various jokes... It means the original poster of the person who wrote the FML.. :D welcome to FML!

58 - google is your friend! It saved me from a line of OP jokes that in my opinion aren't that funny.

Lock your doors and your car when you leave and get home. This guy sounds insane and unsafe.

He doesn't sound unsafe and insane, he sounds like he has a medical condition


My comment is meant for in the case of if Michael doesn't have a medical condition.

OH MY GOD! It's raining outside! Right outside! It is unsafe and insane!

And he's going to break into your bedroom too! Hide your spouse and possible kids! -rolls eyes sarcastically-

33, I thought that chick behind you had a tiny arm from the thumbnail.

He sounds like he has issues and should be in a special class. His parents probably think nothing is wrong with him. Ignorance is bliss but at what price for everyone else.

I think this could be one person that you wouldn't want to have dislike you. So, just be nice.

Not to be rude or anything but I've noticed that people like that tend to have strong emotions when agitated for whatever reason. He could be different but it's best not to chance it. And in any case, you should always be nice.

I don't even understand why OP posted his name to begin with instead of a simple pronoun. It's not nice at all.

I'm pretty sure Michael isn't his actual name, if that's what you meant...false names and such

Maybe he is autistic

Or schitzophrenic.

6, I was thinking the same thing!

Maybe he just has a bad case of diarrhea?

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Schizophrenia is NOT multiple personality disorder (also known as dissociative identity disorder). They are two completely different things.

I can see this thread having 40 or more replies having the discussion about schizophrenia by tonight... *I'm outta here* btw, I think the guy is just completely weird. *runs away*

It sounds a lot like autism to me. My sister is autistic and that's how she used to act in a social situation.

Wow your starting to make Alexis rethink her psyche. She often refers to herself in third person. She always thought it was from working with kids, but maybe not...

48- if this Micheal child is autistic, you can go to hell, my little brother is autistic and anyone who makes fun of him or autistic kids, I make sure they'll think twice. So shut up if you don't know the details

Did anyone consider Aspergers? Lot' of guys at my step-mother's workplace act like this (well except the speaking in 3rd person thing) and most of them have Aspergers

I'm already there. Don't worry.. Telling me to go to hell for trying to make a comment... Nice person you are. I'm sorry to hear that. :(

Your comment was stupid and unnecessary /: couldn't you just be nice to the poor kid? He could have a medical condition, or I dunno maybe he's just kidding, just stop being prejudice, ok?

Alright, I'm sorry... My name is Michael btw...

Yay :D it's alright and meh, it's just a name

Isa_fml 20


76- I don't think OP was making fun of him. Some people are just not aware of the symptoms of Autism or Asperges. If someone isn't familiar with the symptoms, it might freak them out a little when the autism shows.

Autistic reporter Michael Falk?

Your rudeness is unnecessary. Don't have to call someone stupid just for showing their opinion.

I agree with the autistic comments. You shouldn't be so quick to judge people.

As a person with Aspergers Syndrome, I can confirm that most of Michael's quirks tend to stem from mild autism. Assuming that someone is autistic when given reasonable evidence is NOT, in ANY WAY, an insult. Those who claim that "autistic" is an insult are far more offensive to me than those who generalize autistic symptoms.

Aspergers is a form of mild autism, friends.

Try and be friends with him q:.

I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a face at the end.

It Is. And this Stupid comment got Spammed twice . Sorry >.

I tried to make my face do that. Doesn't work.

I'm sure 41 meant their actual face, not a keyboard face.

OBVIOUSLY it's a gangster, wearing his hat sideways, who's lips are puckered and moved to the lower right region of his chin. Duh.

Well idk lets just go with what number 51 said

Michael doesn't have friends. :|

Aspergers, I would say.

Autism more then asperger syndrome, the latter being generally milder than the first.

Yes I know. Working with asd is my specialty.

I love me some assburgers.

One of my friends has as aspergers, and my brother has autism, I think you're right, they both kinda act like Micheal does and shut the fudge up 74 that's not funny. THATS REALLY cruel.

74 - very mature, it's not like any Aspergers sufferers have to deal with that tired joke every day of their lives. I have a high-functioning form of it, and people like you just make me roll my eyes.

83- you tell 'em! :) I like you kid, some people just need to be told over an over until they get the big idea

actually, aspburger's is milder in most cases than autism

Does it also cause you to roll your burgers out of your ass? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sigh. Sorry, I didn't mean to be insensitive. It was an old FML reference.

#12, you mean there really is such a thing? I always thought it was Ass-burger's Syndrome -- like someone who was rude and insensitive was being an Ass Burger (whatever the hell that means.) For the longest time, I thought the elderly were stricken with Ol' Timer's Disease. When someone told me it was Alzheimer's, they thought I had it!

It was supposed to be like Timmy from South Park. Fail.

Jackson? Tyson? Jordan? Game 6?

*raises hand and says* Present! :)

62, and I'm supposed to be able to tell from your initial comment? Fail.

Yeah, the fail that I posted up there was actually meant for me, not you. So...fail.

Ah. We both fail.

Ball so hard muthafuckers wanna fine me.

Try and be friends with him q:.