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  pancakerocks  |  1

thats what my grandpa has done to me. mulitble times. and has introduced me to a random women on a cruise as single and fun. this woman was a mother with a baby. im 17. it will be fine :) save your kiss for someone special.

  22jrdn55  |  15

CrymoreFML, your comment and this FML remind me of this joke,

"When I'd go to weddings, my grandparents would always laugh and point, saying 'You're next'. So I started doing the same thing to them at funerals."


Yeah, I was your age when I got my first kiss, and I really regret it. It wasn't special and I didn't like it at all. Same thing with my second. Just wait until you find the right person, and don't feel pressured!

  gazzdogs  |  5

DocBastard, come out come out wherever you are! I am sure that you would have an interesting story about someone losing their virginity to a hammer. :D

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Loving this thread. Hamsters, hammers and virginity. DocBastard, it's story time! Please tell you have one that encompases all three....? :) Waiting in anticipation here....

By  Honestly_Lainey  |  21

Look on the bright side and imagine the awkward things she could have said if she thought you'd had your first kiss. Or your first... Yeah... Umm... Could've been worse. Much worse. :)

By  Miss_Attitude96  |  24

Awwww, that sucks OP. but don't worry to much about it, you'll kiss a lot of frogs (even though it sounds like you haven't had your first kiss yet, it'll come) before you find your prince.