By nerofirst - 19/08/2011 13:40 - Canada

Today, I had to utter the phrase "OK, but no cape during sex" to my girlfriend. FML
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nerofirst tells us more.

nerofirst 0

She wanted to wear lingerie but it came with a cape

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XxgreymoonxX 8

interesting girlfriend of yours xD guess the positive side is least you're getting sex d:

It's a bird ! It's a plane ! It's a naked chick with a cape?


XxgreymoonxX 8

interesting girlfriend of yours xD guess the positive side is least you're getting sex d:

eminemchick 19

yup. at least youre getting sex and no lonely hand action:)

allstarfave 0

Lol yup

ShroomsOnAcid 16

cape sex...

Am I the only one dying to know what preceded OP's statement?

crazychick1269 7

#59 no your not... I am too!!

I don't get it? You mean like having sex at capetown ?

What's that movie called "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" or something ?

No it's called "Honey I shrank the kids" . The dad accidentally shrinks his kids and they have to survive as small beings for the week . But dw they get changed back at the end :)

Most_Dope 0

Dude 73... Gtfo.

10- your right but lonley hand action isnt terrible if you do the way I do

lucy331 0

^ and what way is that?

mr_torch91 1

What's wrong with kinky role playing super hero sex? I'd keep the cape as something to grab onto.

eminemchick 19

yes 92 im actually kinda curious to know how you do it now;)

why miss out on superhero sex? you can be Colussus!

superman that hoe?

I agree with 105, it's something to hold on to.

I was 100 like

jvillan87 5

Man up and wear the damn cape!!!


I agree with you.thats what i thought:p

I'd be The Thing. He's a ******* rock, so you don't gotta worry bout being hard.

sorry 125 we don't super man no more we just spiderman that ho.

My guess is that capes don't match with maid / teacher outfits very well.

103 its complicated

Could I have a side of context with that?

bugmenotmofo 34

Do you need context? It's sex in a cape. His girlfriend is awesome.

mkmorgan30 0

221 Lmao i know I wouldn't of said no to my gf if there was a cape lol, how do people not see the awesomeness in this lol

hahaha, like that was the first time she heard that

the real intention is to use the cape to cover your face

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flockz 19

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mynameis1339 0

Then your doing it wrong

flockz 19

ya i guess so. i am told i resemble a flopping fish out of water while in bed.

Its ok 28 my girlfriend puts a pillow case over her head and yells out the name of my best friend so she won't have have to look at me

Ahhh flockz you changes your picture!!

saveursocks 0

Being choked makes the experience more pleasurable though. So your one of the lucky ones. I think.

#28, so next time, use a water bed... then you'll be in your element....

You must be doing it wrong.

You must be doing it wrong.

Lulz try being on bottom.

eminemchick 19

capes are frickin kinky tho;)

They also go great with a red latex chicken mask

eminemchick 19

yeah ikr?:D i dont know who this guy thinks he is. i would refuse to have sex with him unless my cape was on.

shay1813 0

He could use his super laser to fight her ;)

Wonder Woman FTW

Wait, the important question is who's wearing the cape?

Who cares? Capes are awesome and everyone should wear one during sex.

USMC0331 0

Captain America Anybody?

erobus707 0

USMC!!!! Oorah!

thesunsetglow_fml 8

"I vant to suck your...... nevermind."

USMC0331 0

Oorah my friend and semper fi

UmbraeCatervae 0

Semper Fi Devil Dogs

fullofmetal 7

But Cap doesn't wear a cape. >.> Neither have any of his girlfriends.

USMC0331 0

But doesnt he say somethin during the movie about not wearing a cape? Aha

It's a bird ! It's a plane ! It's a naked chick with a cape?

eminemchick 19

"look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane, its a man with a cape and a beard and a cane, with tank top shorts with a bulge in his pants, this is ken, its kaniff, this is me, superman" ^bi internet pedophile songDx

Odd that you know that....

88- Why wouldnt somebody know that?

eminemchick 19

88- ken kaniff is the pervy guy from eminems old cartoon show "the slim shady show". he also has a couple songs under the name ken kaniff, from the rapper Aristotle. this particular song was called "super ken" XD

bironbaby 0

U made my life

leemurcat 5

Can I still wear the leotard?

The chick can wear anything she wants.

omg leotard. hell yeah lol

I heard superhero role-play is hot ;)

irishgirl92x 1

sounds dull

Sydnayy 4

What is sex with no cape? It's like peanut butter without jelly...

If she insists on wearing a cape during sex, she's too young for you bro! ;)

I was just joking lol

Jersey shore reference ^^

It sounds like it was just a Jersey shore reference!! I like what you did there cupcake haha!!

Thanks Btreasure :D

UmbraeCatervae 0

If her shoes still light up when she walks shes to young for you bro!

monkeybanana 7

Haha that was funny :)

If her tattoo comes off in the shower, she's too young for you bro!

If her idea of partying is a tea party with her stuffed animals, she's too young for you bro!

BellaGoBoom 6

You use to many winky faces for me to take seriously. Weird, I know.

165, she's only used one wink face?

Truth right there #15