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Today, I was on a plane with my grandma. A cute guy sat down next to her. She asked his age. He told her he was 16. She said, "Oh, that's how old my granddaughter here is." She then turned to me and said loudly, "You should switch seats with me, he's HOT!" Well, at least Grandma loves me. FML
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What the ****? How is this in any way an fml? You don't even know the guy, get over it

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Agreed with the above... Chances are you will NEVER see the guy again...

Or you'll marry him....... that would be an amazing story for the kids

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grams is kickin ass for you! your grandmas being wingwoman for you.... grandmas like nothing more than to feel young again!! my grandma tries hooking me up with my dog, you should be proud

What's the problem? You said he was cute, so what happens next, you switch seats with your grandma, and start off a good conversation with "Oh, I'm really sorry about that, my grandma can be weird sometimes. So, you're 16..." And there you go.

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OMG she just ruined your ONE chance at love. Now your original plan of wooing him to ask you out to coffee after you land, going out with him for 6 months, and then having him ask you to marry him are RUINED. For the love of crap you two are 16. It's not like THIS guy is THE guy who's the ONLY guy EVER. And you don't even know his situation. What if he's switching flights and really lives halfway across the country from you? It's not like you saw the guy and imediately thought "oh my god...this is the guy I marry and have kids with!", right? Besides, guys think it's cute when an embarassing situation like that happens to a girl. It shows that you have an abnormal, and therefore, out of the ordinary life. That and it's a great conversation starter. "So...I herd your Grandma was setting me up with u"

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I'd be high-fiving the old lady for doing it.

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LOL if youre that serious you shouldnt be on this site is for people with a sense of humor. :)

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I know riiight.. it'll be soo sweet if yu marry him, and have kids. pass yer story on from generation to generation. blah blah blah. that'll be cuute.


umm a FML really? She is just trying to help be nice.

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yeah,cause anyone will date with someone whose grandmother says that. F her life because she just got totally embarrassed on a plane in front of a cute boy.

Charming, Grandma. :] She's hooking you up. Anyway, not a big deal. It's your grandma. Grandmas are quirky.

It's called the mile high club. But this is a definite MLIA post, I don't see anything FML in this, especially her ending statement. _____________________________________

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fml? or a way to get attention cuz you have nothing else to do

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YDI for not having grandma in a home.

F*ck you. There is nothing wrong with her grandma. (hopefully). If there was she would've already been in a home. F*cling idiot.

Ah, I wish my grandmother would think to do this. She just stares at the waitresses behind Olive Garden and screams "SMOKING WON'T MAKE YOU ANY SKINNIER!" Maybe that is sort of cool... Who am I kidding. You don't have to be bold when your grandmother is supplying the tic tacs

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Haha, my grandma pretends to run pedestrians over in her car. OP - how the hell is this an FML? Your grandma wasn't being rude or offensive to anyone, she was just making a joke to break the ice with the guy sitting next to her.

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Slightly embarrassing but not an FML. It's cute and quirky like grandmas usually are

At least Gramma didn't go after him? a MASSIVE amount of cougar points for her if she did though. mrowrr

Just wait.....(two years from now) Today, I walked in on my grandmother having sex with her 18 year old boyfriend.