By Anonymous - 09/05/2015 20:50

Today, my drunk grandma flashed me, after confusing me, a 19 year old girl, for my grandpa. FML
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I'll take some, right on the hippocampus. Oh, not because of grandma boobies, just your comment. ;)

sonasonic 34

Nah, that wouldn't be enough to unsee the horrors of granny....

Grandma took blind drunk to another level.

Maybe it's time for your grandpa to shave....

you mean for her to shave. cause what would be the point of him shaving? it will make her look more like him. which makes me think how can they be alike.... he probably is Chavez and got long hair

angiee_baybee 15

I guess you look like an old man in your grandmas beer goggles.

Imagine the family memories you will have later. Lol

You'll need some holy water to un-see that. FYL, OP.

Daelynn_17 19

Shouldn't that be on the history channel?

*shudders* I'm so sorry you had to see that, OP. Hopefully they're decent and not the toe touching tatas you see on so many other elderly women.

KeannaLove 32

How is this possibility of them being decent make it less gross? It wouldn't matter if she had **** star boobs, it's still your grandmas boobs.

I even think the pornstar boobs would be worse.

Well if they're decent then that means OPs future boobs will be nice as well. Gotta look at the bright side, right?

Steve95401 49

I hope that OP's grandma was only drunk and that this wasn't a sign of something more serious, like dementia.

My question would be why is your grandmother drunk?

mif_fml 27

Why not? Alcohol is awesome.

leogachi 15

What's wrong with older people getting drunk?

20 good point haha and 25 older people shouldn't get drunk because their bodies are not as resilient as younger people's, so they are more susceptible to organ failure.