By Anonymous - 03/01/2012 05:32 - United States

Today, I went on a first date with a guy I really like. He brought up that there was a person staring at us from a nearby table. That person was my mom. FML
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gazzdogs 5

My mum is a helicopter parent too. Always lurking about in the distance, I know how you feel :(

Haha creepy!


Haha creepy!

N3766 20

Might be a coincidence she was there...

Or she was spyin'!

gazzdogs 5

12 - On her own? I don't think so...

I would walk over there politely yell at her the GTFO

Should have said 'yeah. She's paying for our meal' and then send the bill to her table.

28 - If you were a federal agent, I don't think you'd be allowed to tell people that.

GoW_Chick 14

30- How do you politely yell at someone?

This is creepy, but in the realm of understandable if OP is young(ish). How creeptastic would this be if she was in her 30's.....

RedPillSucks 31

@34: Maybe he works for the post office. Agent doesn't have to mean spy or police.

GoodLookingGeese 10

40- with a big smile on your face.. Try this someday..

40- GTFO please

GovernorGeneral 8


gazzdogs 5

My mum is a helicopter parent too. Always lurking about in the distance, I know how you feel :(

SecretMe00 5

Family guy episode resemblance..

It just means she loves y--yeah just kidding that sucks

brianfantana32 10

Why did I sing the Pink Panther theme song in my head after reading this, seriously, why? Cause it's completely irrelevant

gazzdogs 5

What is completely irrelevant? My comment or YOURS?

Did you know your mom was going to be there, or was it a coincidence?

Chaos187 6

More like, her mom got in the her car and followed her and her date right after they left.

RochelleRedvines 8

Dammit. I'm on my iPod and I thumbed up this comment accidentally.

At least he's now met the family?


TheDorianMode 8

Stare back.

That's what the pigeon would do. Or scramble away to poop on her car while she's busy staring at your date.

FruityLoooons 8

Did she slowly sink down and disappear under the table whilst staring at you?

Well that's not strange at all...

If I were him I would have stared right back

Lmao ohh snap...