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Today, I had to go along with my mom to meet some of her old friends from high school. When they asked her about how her life was going, she said she was married, always traveling, no kids, and introduced me as the neighbor's kid she babysits. FML
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Why would she bring a kid she babysits with her when she goes to meet her friends? She's terrible at lying. FYL.


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shoulda said you've been sleeping together

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you must suck as a child. srry op

meh she wanted to look good infront of ppl she's not gonna see for a long time again ,, she didn't mean anything bad don't get mad at her

she just wanna look good in front of her old friends, not a FML here

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#6 I don't know if you realize this but your mother being embarrassed of your existence is about as bad as it gets

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just let her have her moment, and then when you two get home make her life a living hell.

u should have said, " wait!! what are you talking about, MOMMY!!!"

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aawww whos a lil bastard. u are, u are. ur soooo cute

i dont see how in order for your mom to look "good" in front of her old friends means she needs to act like she doesnt have any kids. fyl op ):

Does that mean that having children makes you look bad?

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#6 of course she ment bad! in other words she is saying that her children were a mistake and that she is not happy with her life, so se faked it

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well if her mom was skinny, i'm sure she'd brag about having had a child. then there's the other side....

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how old are you op cuz I'm pretty sure once you turn 10 you don't need a sitter anymore.

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4 Not Nessisarily, OPs mom could be a fake ******* Douche-bag and try to say that she is living the good life... Next time Op introduce a few friends of yours to you mother as "The lady that we took off of the street"

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32 Youre Georgeous BTW had to throw it out there...

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Says the giant question mark. I have yet to hear a conversation go, "What do you look for in a guy?" "Oh my, I like my man to be curved and have a nice big black period right at the end." Shut your bitch ass up.

I just have the app and I'm not gona go on the website just to put a pic up and I didn't mean it as an insult to that one chick I just meant she's not to the point where u have to comment about her beauty

You should have looked at her friends and quietly shook your head and then in a compassionate voice said "I think it's time for another pill now" and then while gently pulling her arm to leave look back at her friends saying "this is why I had to come along, the doctor's say she needs constant supervision now and whenever her grasp on reality slips like this, we need to go somewhere quiet and get her to take her meds" and no matter how your Mom reacted to this keep pulling at her arm saying "come on Mom, you'll be alright again soon and then you can come back and talk to the nice people"

104 - That was the most epic win I've ever heard. You won the game. Oops.

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Next time she won't let you do sumthin, just be like "remember that time where you said I wasn't ur son"?

**** u! I wasn't saying she was ugly or anything just not like stunningly beautiful and I already said I'm not gona go outa my way to put a pic up so u can all suck my balls I'm gona go get a beer and slide off this plane

basically what 110 is saying is that he I gunna go watch some **** and "slide off the plane" ;) got it

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106 - thanks! :-) I do what I can *bows*

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I think it's funny how people don't understand that FML is an app and not just a website and, they are constantly telling people on the app to put up pics when it's not possible. way to join the dim bulb club people.

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Actually we all know it's an app, seeing as most of us go on it trough the app. I just find it very ******* annoying when someone talks shit about smothers pic, yet they don't have the courage to put one of themselves up.

#13 I totaly agree how anyone can say "it's no big deal." is beyond me. that's probably the biggest hit to a kids self esteem I have ever heard. and as for those who think it's no big deal i sincerely hope you never have children. becuase all they will accomplish in life is being a permanent habitant of our prison system.

tell her you're ready for your babysitter pay. boom. next.

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sweet candy I love ur hair an ur really pretty

i sure hope you cussed her out and went wild, she isnt your "mother" so its all good. (:

should of bitch slappedher or called her out on it

Why would she bring a kid she babysits with her when she goes to meet her friends? She's terrible at lying. FYL.

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because the parents are out and the kid has no where to go. durr.

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I would have bitch slapped her and walked off

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im with you 9 and **** your mom op

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No they wouldn't have. I would tell my "mother" I disown her and walk away, wouldn't hit her tho.

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You should've corrected your mom obnoxiously so her friends would know the little pride your mom has.

I would definetly use this moment to my advantage. Op make her feel guilty or threaten to tell her friends, then mKe her buy you stuff.

Or act like an ass. Insult the friends, eat like a pig, and throw a tantrum. When she corrects you, yell "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!"

89 you are also on the right track! The secret here is to turn this back on the Mom. There is gold here OP, be creative and mine it!!

Yeah let her know she's a bitch for denying her own children.

Your mom's a bitch. You should have said something rediculous about her to them so that she'd regret it.