By KiDCuSHi - 20/08/2011 04:58 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend sexted me for the first time in months. Halfway through reading it I was getting kind of hot. Then I found a spelling mistake and all I could think to do was correct her. She now won't talk to me. FML
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It mayks cents. I woodnt eithr :)

emilieee_fml 0

I HATE when my bf does this!!! HATTTEEEEE!!!


emilieee_fml 0

I HATE when my bf does this!!! HATTTEEEEE!!!

emilieee_fml 0

Well...your a TURD!!!!!!!!!!!! {}

Hate only has one E. I'm not your boyfriend so suck on that!

alexibabyxoxo 0

who cares. get on with the damn sexting. hahahaa. my boyfriend never does this:0

That is because you are 12 and can't spell yet.

emilieee_fml 0

Im 16...

emilieee_fml 0

Ohh ok:)

Although, I want this boring post to get exciting. Soo... Yeah, you.

olpally 32

Not winning..

26- "hate" also only has one "t". You can't just go around correcting only half of people's problems; imagine the chaos!

MichellinMan 20

if you you hate it that much, falcon punch his balls until they fall off

My mommy says hate is a mean word.

hannahcorrine 0

YDI. She's your girl friend, so stop acting like a smartass who knows English.

eminemchick 19

i always use medieval english while sexting. "i passeth the vaseline so thy can rub uponest thy dick surfacesth" doesnt it just get you so hot and bothered?:D

96, wow. Smartass who knows English.. Are you sure your argument is even logical?

Haha grammar nazis never get any!

Wow 101, stop it, please, I'm 'bout to faint over here, you're making me so hot...

Sexting lyk dis FTW

42 - They do so spell that badly. Some of them post here, others are grown men and women who work in a professional environment. Food for thought.

Well i think it depends on how stupid the spelling mistake was right. I would be compelled to correct my girlfriend if she wrote zecks instead of sex or or pussy with a double c

what an idiot, I'd dump that ass

drewpeacock42 1

hahhaha your amazing you made me shit my pants

I kind of feel bad for OP's girlfriend for making the mistake of going out with a grammar nazi

Grammar Nazi much OP !!

Its not to much of a big deal unless she misspelled like balz,dikk,anell,or viginya

160-or the most important one (I get this one alot by the way) I'ms kalleng de coppz.

I heard if you correct the grammar of a "Grammar Nazi" they die.

163 pouring a bucket of holy water on them also works pretty well.

emilieee_fml 0

The power of grammer jews will haunt you!!

Grammar Nazis- My grammar is gooder!

GoodLookingGeese 10

Smart up kiddo, gf is NOT your science professor - they never like it when you criticize, even when it's true or right! GFs are just walking three holes to play with. Then earlier you'll notice then easier your life will be. (Sorry girls if you fell offended - prove me wrong!)

177 - you spelled "feel" and "the" wrong

Its a conspiracy man! The fascist pigs are feeding us a bunch of lies man!

duckman9 55

just learn to write, and then he wont have to correct you all the time :P

192- Directly related to the freakin' water powered car cover up. The man wouldn't release it because they named it 'Da H2Go', which would have caused the grammar nazis and the science tyrants to form together in an unstoppable force!!!!

You spelt "writing" wrong in your description so the comment can still be directed towards you.

beasting 0

Hey karmas a bitch ur gona punch sone one in the balls and one day when u get prego some dude is gona punch u in the stomach

supercrack11 1

He didn't have feel or the in the paragraph

177- you don't get laid much, do you? and "a smartass that knows English" ..... do you mean just stop acting like an intelligent human being? That can be really difficult (for some of us)

So what sexting at 12 is awesome! Lol

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20


It mayks cents. I woodnt eithr :)

you need to go to school

I hope you where making a joke

Honestly, it's a joke. No one actually spells that bad...

says_sweet 0


Marcella1016 31

Iz oviuslee a jok. Your tha idiutz four not relizing it. _-_ *translation for those who fail to recognize typed sarcasm* It's obviously a joke. You're the idiots for not realizing it -_-

Hukt own fonix wurkt four yuu to?

MikaylaRae 3

42: go see the girls who are poor and think they have everything

ScubaSteve96 0

Obviously hes kidding

182- I'm a chick Everyone else-IM KIDDING!!!! Yeesh people. Take a joke

It went WAY over their heads... It was funny though. I think their responses made it even funnier.

Don't you just love it when people get awkward and ask you if that was a joke? :D

Makes* sense* wouldn't* either*

Def. Agree with u

Ouch better luck next time, if there might be

I'm sure there won't be a next time. I think that's why she hasn't sexted him in so long. YDI for being an overbearing prick.

Cock blocked by your own grammar-Nazi-ness

How can you think of spelling mistakes when your exited???

Exactly, it wasnt until i rubbed one off that I noticed you put your instead of you're. (I don't mind it at all btw)

Wasn't until I got off that I noticed you put exited, instead of excited.(I don't mind either)

You also missed off "excited"

22cute 17

I think Op is OCD. Maybe a few others as well.

Nevitt 9

ruin her reputation by forwarding them to your friends, its fun until she kills herself

Tennispro349 2

Yeah it's funny... Unless you're OP's girlfriend . Asshole

yamatelle 19

Have you considered putting yourself in OP's girlfriend's shoes? Maybe that will help you understand the flaws in your comment a bit more. That's not something to joke about.

perdix 29

Yes, once they see how poorly she spells, she will have to leave town. Or may qualify for euthanasia. Dan Quayle never fully recovered from "Potatoe"-gate. Once your poor spelling skills are revealed to the community, your status plummets.

MichellinMan 20

Jesus Christ.

I thought it was hilarious.

brohamas16 7

you just took it aliiiiiiiittle far

Why would someone commit suicide over a fowarded text??? Seriously people have lame reasons these days. No it's not funny, but it's pathetic how butthurt this world is these days.

dani212 0

This has -69 votes... As much as I want to thumb it down... Im gonna leave it :)

111- she wouldn't commit suicide because he forwarded the text. She would because of the way people would treat her after they read it.

DAL666 0

Thts not funny, Thts just sick

Maybe we should ruin your life and see how you like it. Oh wait you'll probably do that without any help.

Is she being serious

Hahahaha that is so funny :D fyl

Hahaha sounds exactly like something I'd do. :$

She has a right reason not to talk to you! Way to kill the mood OP..

Or maybe she could just learn to spell properly, and double check everything she writes. It's honestly not that difficult.

Oh, come on, 1) the characters are limited in sms (I try to write without mistakes, but sometimes I just can't, because I'm out of space), 2) a spelling mistake is easily made and 3) it was a friggin' sexual sms, you know, one of those you write when you're extremely horny and want to share that feeling with your partner? I don't think many people will doublecheck them.

p"I mearing nothing butt red silkanties"

Next time, role play and be her english teacher. She won't mind being corrected then. Every misspelled word and grammar could mean tons of fun :)

MetalBoi 0

Damn. That is a smartass idea! O:

emilieee_fml 0

Its still not as fun as you think if she really gets offended by it...i should know...hes tried that too:P

You must be into some really kinky sex