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Today, while at a big speech and debate tournament, I corrected the judge's use of the word "podium" instead of lectern, because that's what my debate coach had told me was the correct usage. Well, she didn't take it too well and neither did my partner. Or my debate coach. FML
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Correcting the judge in front of everyone is kind of a dick move. A judge is there as some sort of expert and authority figure and to undermine them doesn't look good for your score.

That is how you lose the debate.


That is how you lose the debate.

I'm a debater. The first thing a good coach will teach you is to never risk offending a judge. Don't do anything they might not like because they are the sole decider in your round performance. If you piss a judge off, there is nothing at all stopping them from making you lose out of spite. No accountability, no complaints, nothing. OP is either very new or a terrible debater if they don't know that.

I read this weeks back. It finally got approved I think. Or someone copied it.

don't correct the people above you, plane and simple. lol I'm assuming your one of those people that hangs around comment sections and corrects people on they're use of words, like your/you're. bare in mind, nobody likes being corrected, especially when their you're superior to. (bahahah I am cringing so hard while writing this. sorry grammar nazi's, it was hard for me too.)

Correcting the judge in front of everyone is kind of a dick move. A judge is there as some sort of expert and authority figure and to undermine them doesn't look good for your score.

Not all judges know anything about the debate topic i know someone who won because "he looked better than the other people"

that's why i said "some sort of expert" not "expert on the topic". Regardless they are the authority of the event and that should be respected.

Judges are often idiots that know nothing. That doesn't change the fact that they decide if you win or not and the fact that there is nothing you can do unless it is a very, very, very serious tournament. YDI for not knowing that the judge is king or queen. Nothing about respect, just the fact that they are the sole decider of your round results.

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You completely deserve it. You don't correct someone judging you.

That's why you let the big man be. Even if you are right there is no point on correcting those who are proffesional in their minds.

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Yeah if someone is judging you and scoring your ability to do something, it's obvious that it's probably not best to correct them in front of everyone else... not like their incorrect use of the word would affect how well you can debate. Especially because the two words are so close in meaning, not like anyone could get confused because of a simple word mix-up.

Don't correct the judge. Problem solved.

To be honest.. I'm not impressed either. You can't correct some people in life. As much as it sucks, sometimes we have to let people be ignorant in their own stupidity. Don't beat yourself up tho op. Consider it a life lesson.

There is no judge. The judge is God

Really no one got that reference??

Your reference was completely irrelevant.

Depends how you said it, you're not going to convince a judge by being condescending towards them

I think it would come off as super arrogant no matter how he said it, just because it's such a pedantic correction and to someone who is judging them at a competition. Not a smart move at all.

That's not even an important correction to make. If the judge had given the wrong rule or incorrect time or something, sure, speak up. But podium vs lectern? YDI dude