By iNearlyHurled - 28/09/2012 08:24 - United States

Today, my laptop got hit by a Trojan. Not the malware, but a used condom thrown from a car driving past as I sat on a street bench. FML
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**** Louise! Did you semen who threw it? I bet you weren't feeling very spunky after this seedy event. Cum on, spill the beans!

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Actually 3, some people do. Diseases and infections aren't transferred from genitals only.

Could have been worse. The Trojan could have hit you!

3- a lot of people actually call it road head. Just because you call it something else doesn't make someone wrong.

Road head? Lol. That's kind of difficult to do. On a completely unrelated note, I find it very interesting that every FML on here has tons of comments, but none of them by the original poster of the FML. Is it because they're embarrassed? Because they just don't care? Or because they're so afraid of getting slammed by all the assholes on here? Any thoughts?

67, there are tons of FMLs that are replied to by the original poster. Usually the comment on the comments made by other people.

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You examined it close enough to see it was a Trojan?

You should check for viruses. Not the computer malware, but herpes.

83 - It was probably just any brand and he said that for the sake of the pun.

14 what kind of ****** would ACTUALLY wear a condom for getting head, unless it was flavored or something

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I would've said: Great shot kid! That was one in a million!

I'm not surprised. I semen throwing condoms all the time.

**** Louise! Did you semen who threw it? I bet you weren't feeling very spunky after this seedy event. Cum on, spill the beans!

No way. Cum on man. Enjoy the time with us and go nuts

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you make funny puns, i love you shlong time.

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Who ever did that is such a dick.

Semen(and ladies)? It can please you to release this stuff! So cum on, let's all just have some fun!

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That's a cummy situation.. Just got to keep your head high!

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116. Do u have a problem with dyslexics?? :|

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You're free trial of spyware ran out

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*Your. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.


do you know what spyware is?... i dont think anybody would want a free trial of spyware just saying unless you want all your accounts hacked...

Your laptop may need protection from "protection".

^ This is not a catch phrase. Stop trying to make it one. It's just annoying and makes you look like an idiot.

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I was talking about his profile picture,and you don't need to be a ******* dick about it.

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I'm sure MSE, AVG, or Norton couldn't even protect against that.

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The only good thing is at least your laptop took the hit and not your face :/ this is a true fml moment... Yuck!

I think I would have to buy a new laptop if I was OP. that's just really disgusting.

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That is gross, but why would you be working on a laptop outside? Lots of disastrous things happen out there.

It's okay, love. The sunlight won't hurt you. You can go outside of your house every now and then. :P

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I don't believe you D: Also, to clarify, I don't normally see people working on a laptop outside, when I do they're normally at outside diner tables or something, never on a bench on the side of a road o.o

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Drive by **** bomb? that's disturbing

Bioterrorism at it's finest/ worst. Just imagine it, a plane flying over a city and it drops its load on the unsuspecting citizens.

Not even Norton would protect you from that situation.

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Lol like norton protects us from anything..

11: If I know Norton "Anti"virus (and I do), it was probably Mr Norton himself who threw that condom.