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Road head? Lol. That's kind of difficult to do. On a completely unrelated note, I find it very interesting that every FML on here has tons of comments, but none of them by the original poster of the FML. Is it because they're embarrassed? Because they just don't care? Or because they're so afraid of getting slammed by all the assholes on here? Any thoughts?

  P1P_BOY  |  6

do you know what spyware is?... i dont think anybody would want a free trial of spyware just saying unless you want all your accounts hacked...

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

I don't believe you D:
Also, to clarify, I don't normally see people working on a laptop outside, when I do they're normally at outside diner tables or something, never on a bench on the side of a road o.o