You Sexty Thing

By Anonymous - 13/09/2013 06:53 - United States - Prairie City

Today, my girlfriend is upset with me for not wanting to sext. I can't sext with her because she adds "lol" to everything, which turns me off. FML
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Next time you guys are having sex, start laughing out loud.

My god, just tell her it's bothering you.


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Waste of a 1st comment

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Are you retarded?

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#26- It's "retarded." And as long as you're not actually calling a mentally handicapped person retarded, I don't see how it's offensive. One of my friends has a handicapped sister and she still uses the word, just not directed at handicapped people.

*complain complain*

Then you really need a new gf

he needs a new girlfriend all because this current one sucks at sexting? seems like a plausible reason for a break up "it's not you, it's your lack of sexting skills"

Maybe she's just laughing at the size of your penis, op

No, he needs a new girlfriend because the current one is not mature enough.

You don't know OP's age or his girlfriend's. Maybe he is the one being too mature.

What does their age have to do with it? Age has very little to do with maturity, and we can TELL that she is immature from the FML.

lol then I'll suck your dick lol :)~

Well if you're offering.. *Zzippppp*

That wasn't what I meant, I was recreating a conversation between op and his girlfriend. Unfortunately it didn't go well, oh well.

Wait, stormtrooper suits have zippers?

Maybe this time he'll hit something when he shoots otherwise its gonna be a very messy finish...

35- maybe it's a... Special operations suit? :p either that or they are referring to a zipper on the undersuit that I hope troopers have or it must make bathroom breaks awkward if they have to remove everything

LOL u sed dik LOL

Hey now, 48, you don't know how well I shoot my beams nowadays. Years of practice has me hitting right on target. George Lucas won't put me in his movies anymore though.. I'm now the star of Obi Wang - Man of Many Galaxies Far Far Away.

Could be a storm trooper onesie.

\ 28

Spit or swallow?

jasmine2301 25

LOL you need to get out, 65.

Leave it to the Internet to turn a discussion about text talk during sexting into Stormtroopers having "special" suits.

Next time you guys are having sex, start laughing out loud.

Or, you could talk to her about the problem and get it fixed. There's nothing more annoying than someone saying "lol" or "k" in every text.

That's just crazy talk #8.

Or laugh when she is undressed. Well, I think that might just going to make you single...

Either that or just flat out say "LOL", don't even laugh.

Lol that's hot -_-

you make me so hard lol

17 if a girlfriend says "You make me so hard... Lol" we may have an issue. If your girlfriend says that to you... Might want to read an anatomy book

I thought her voice seemed a little deep

Well, I heard that laughing can add on to your lifespan.

So does sex! Maybe OP's gf decided to put those two together so she can have a long, hilarious, sex-filled life.

But seriously how many times does one actually laugh when typing lol. Lol has become something we take for granted. :(

Tell her you'll do it if she replaces "lol" with ";)"

I personally think winky faces are almost as annoying as "lol".

I would have to agree with #85, maybe it is time to ROFL everytime you sext to see if the gets that it is irritating. However the slight flaw would be that she may see the ROFL as encouragement to keep LOLing.

Does she say 'lol' when you're having phone sex as well ?

Just start saying 'lol' when you talk to her. See how long it stays funny for her.

My god, just tell her it's bothering you.

I'm guessing the OP did, which is why the girlfriend is upset...

Sit her down and be honest. She will probably be embarrassed. But remember, you have a right to be pleased as much as she does.