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Today, I spent hours delicately writing out what seemed to be a beautiful poem to my girlfriend. After I sent it to her, I kept eyeing my phone to see her surprised message. No, my only response was "you may want to use a spellcheck." FML
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Seriously, you sent a poem with misspellings? That's like an insult. "Here, I wrote you a poem, but I didn't care enough to bother proof-reading."

rosemary_fml 5

it's okay! don't give up hope but your gf does seem quite ungrateful. consider being with someone who appreciates you.


I would totally do the same if I was your girlfriend. YDI

Given the awful wording of this FML, I'm not surprised!

OP, you did mean *her* only response, right?

Thats exactly why he needs to use spellcheck and grammar check.

UpYoursLiar 1

Grammar Police Warning. Spell Check Losers abound. Beware.

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i think it's more of what he misspelled and how he misspelled it, because that may have been the main factor in this

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Word man, word. Frigging Grammar Nazi's STFU and go get a life. I feel sorry for you man. "Spending hours delicately writing a poem" What an unappreciative Bitch your girlfriend is. SCREW HER!!! @*&#@($^@#$ Thank you.

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aww, its the thought that matters. don't make such a big deal, she was probably kidding. that was sweet though:)

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my bf sent me a poem like that once I said exactly the same thing xD

Way to be appreciative, you ungrateful brat.

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it's okay! don't give up hope but your gf does seem quite ungrateful. consider being with someone who appreciates you.

oh come on, if my boyfriend wrote me a poem i'd laugh at least she didn't laugh!

If you're going to craft a "masterpiece," why would you skimp on the little things. It's like Michelangelo drawing the scene on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel using Crayola Crayons.

poem=lame. yer lucky she dint question yer sexuality as well

What's more impressive? The scene on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, or the exact scene on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, but done with Crayola?

@pendatic what. the. ****. i don't like poems so i'm a caveman i do believe you may just happen to be mentally retarded

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she's a fockin' bitch homes... she should at least appreciate your effort... girls these days...

you know, girls always say they want someone sensitive and caring. they don't have a clue when they get one...

Because he wrote a poem, anyone can write a poem.

Anyone can write a poem because the OP did? That's an awfully cynical thing to say about him! You just said he's the worst poet alive.

No i didn't, i said anyone could write a poem, enless there like illiterate.

Don't bother No_Heart, BeeSkwaird was pretending to be dumb enough to not understand what you meant. It's a pretty common tactic to insult someone around here.

"enless there like illiterate" Oh god the irony!

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I would love it if someone wrote me a poem. wat a bitch. haha dumb her and get with someone who appreciates you.