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Today, I spent hours delicately writing out what seemed to be a beautiful poem to my girlfriend. After I sent it to her, I kept eyeing my phone to see her surprised message. No, my only response was "you may want to use a spellcheck." FML
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By  capilot  |  10

Seriously, you sent a poem with misspellings? That's like an insult. "Here, I wrote you a poem, but I didn't care enough to bother proof-reading."


Word man, word. Frigging Grammar Nazi's STFU and go get a life. I feel sorry for you man. "Spending hours delicately writing a poem" What an unappreciative Bitch your girlfriend is. SCREW HER!!! @*&#@($^@#$

Thank you.

  krnmafia92  |  0

If you're going to craft a "masterpiece," why would you skimp on the little things. It's like Michelangelo drawing the scene on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel using Crayola Crayons.

  MagicMeds  |  0

Don't bother No_Heart, BeeSkwaird was pretending to be dumb enough to not understand what you meant. It's a pretty common tactic to insult someone around here.