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  Bludmagnus  |  13

That is the most unjustifiable boatload of crap I have ever seen in comments on an entry here.

No.. this is not about respecting your elders.. it is about a crazy old biddy who has been allowed to live far too long.


3- Yeah? Well this old lady is off her rocker telling OP not to use chapstick. Really? It's one thing if it was lipstick. People like that old lady wanna make me go commit mass murder.


The old lady isn't against chap-stick or lipstick, she's against OP having sex, since chap-stick is always near the condoms in Targets and Walmarts and Zellers for some reason.


The drug store by me has the chapstick, condoms, and cough drops right next to each other, in the "sanitary/family planning products" aisle. It's funny to see who is truly uncomfortable by the products near them and I could totally see that happening there. FYL op

  IndiRae  |  9

Hm. I wonder what would happen if you applied a generous amount of Burts Bees Chapstick, and then gave somebody a blow job. I think it would either be pure ecstasy, or they would feel the immediate need to stick their dick into the freezer.