By anonymous22kittylicklick - 20/08/2011 04:44 - United States

Today, I was at Target deciding what chap-stick to get when an old lady violently hit me with her umbrella and kept yelling at me saying, "You are too young for this! Think twice!" FML
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Chap stick is a big responsiblity ok? Think of the consequences!

Better too young than too old :)


i love how people write comments like " you should have " etc . its like the op will ever rea it lol

When I posted a FML I came back and read the comments haha they were mean

19 your profile says "0 confirmed out of 9 posted" O_o...

#22 sounds like the guy who made the FML about his girlfriend sex texting him and then he ruined it by correcting her mistake. LOL

I know but 1 has been confirmed but it won't show :/

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Off topic but, whippersnappers. Ahhh, love that word. :D

What was it about.. I wanna read it.:3

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she doesnt want you to fix your chapped bleeding lips? shes such a vagina!

22- Grammar is extremely important. For example. Capitalization is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off his horse or helping your uncle jack off his horse.

Who gives a flying fuck about using correct grammar these are fmls not English papers

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Don't umbrella me, bro!

ahahahaha 19 got busted

well, OP? are you? did you?

26 - It may have been posted, but then deleted. It happens.

Better too young than too old :)

Senile old lady... Sad really

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I like your picture... Wilson!!!!!!!

The old saying comes back..please respect your elders

W8 what are chap sticks and how old are you op

Op has a Dane cook reference name :P

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Chapstick leads to soft lips, which leads to kissing, which leads to sex, which leads to pregnancy. Bottom line, chapstick = pregnancy. Youre too young...

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That is the most unjustifiable boatload of crap I have ever seen in comments on an entry here. No.. this is not about respecting your elders.. it is about a crazy old biddy who has been allowed to live far too long.

You should consider this advice, old people are wise

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I'm confused

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Don't forget, they're also senile

3- Yeah? Well this old lady is off her rocker telling OP not to use chapstick. Really? It's one thing if it was lipstick. People like that old lady wanna make me go commit mass murder.

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The old lady isn't against chap-stick or lipstick, she's against OP having sex, since chap-stick is always near the condoms in Targets and Walmarts and Zellers for some reason.

Yeah but some are just crazy

#7, nice South Park reference about the episode with the future, Cartman, and the AAA otters.

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You should use balmex. It feels better. Just saying.

bizarre_ftw 21

Really? I prefer berts bees

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I use Nivea soft lips, and according to the little tube, I'm completely kissable!

I prefer feels goodandik, but my girlfriend took it because it was "girl Chapstick".

Blistex is great for getting rid of chapped lips

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Sper... ER I mean Yes To Carrots.

I love the chap sticks that are shaped like little eggs(: they're amazing. EOS (: yumm!

Starburst flavored Lip Smackers. :) It makes my lips soft and taste yummy.

Use blistex! by far the best kind.

carmex. #jusssayin

Sprite flavour

best flavor has got to be bubblegum:)

Think twice, and after that, it's time to choose one!

Chap stick is a big responsiblity ok? Think of the consequences!

Why not do it old school and use beeswax

I'm pretty sure everyone gets dry lips sometimes, the fact that it can also make your lips kissabley soft.. well that's just a bonus and totally worth $3(;

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Chapstick doesn't make your lips "kissabley soft." It treats dried lips and protects them.

I think they probably have condoms set in the same area. The lady probably thought she was looking at condoms.

Ive never seen a 'condoms/chap-stick' section..

I was also thinking that she thought OP was looking at condoms. Makes more sense. Either way she's old and old people do crazy things.

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I was just about to say "Were there condoms next to the chapsticks?" Lol

II think we require yet another person to confirm that they too were pondering upon whether or not the condoms were within the vicinity of the chap stick.

They are close-ish where I work. Though probably not close enough to be able to confuse which one you're looking at.

The drug store by me has the chapstick, condoms, and cough drops right next to each other, in the "sanitary/family planning products" aisle. It's funny to see who is truly uncomfortable by the products near them and I could totally see that happening there. FYL op

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Hm. I wonder what would happen if you applied a generous amount of Burts Bees Chapstick, and then gave somebody a blow job. I think it would either be pure ecstasy, or they would feel the immediate need to stick their dick into the freezer.

At target, chap sticks are in the same aisle as the medicines and the condoms are 1 or 2 aisle away depending on the store.

the walmart near my house has the condoms next to the tampons and the chapsticks by the register

The OP is a girl? Lol

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That happened to me but at walmart

LOL the condoms are always by the chapstick in my country, but that old lady... priceless.

What a ridiculous old lady. You need to think about these things at least three times, why is she being so reckless at her age?