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  tom_a7x  |  0

yeaa but be careful cause if things start heating up with this chick and you want to say something like "I want to lick stuff off you" it might say "I want to kick stuff off you" so... ya watch what you text

  GR3453m0nk3y  |  4

wow thats dumb. a few months ago i posted "Today, I texted my girlfriend saying, "i want to lick your pussy." but it changed to "i want to kick your puppy." FML
i think mines worse
and true

  KiwiBlam  |  4

Haha nice #82. I txtd a chinese guy at work saying thanks for covering for me, his name is Brian. T9 changed it to "Thanks, Asian".

Also, my T9 changes "script" to "rapist"


kick is an actual word, so unless your phone is retarded it didn't "correct" kick.(my phone isn't as I type this). You probably typo'd and just to silly to admit it... K & L are next to eachother

  c0nfuzzled  |  0

#3, would you prefer to see an FML that looks like this instead?

today, my mom died. from stress my dad shot himself in the head, hearing this my crazy and only aunt robbed a bank and is now in prison, my uncle was shot while trying to bust her out. I now have no family, no money, and I'm already 3 months late on my credit card and college bills.

is that better?!

  renaet  |  0

I think even if they did let those kinds of FMLs up we'd still see like 100 idiots clicking YDI and a handful trying to justify it in the comments: "YDI for having your mom die."

  Ajjas013  |  6

Lick actually means fight. Well, it used to in the old Tom Sawyer books.