By kingmetal42 - 09/02/2010 19:10 - France

Today, I texted my girlfriend that I'm going to 'lick my professor's ass' instead of 'kick' due to auto-correction on my phone. FML
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Lmfao. Maybe she can join?

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Why would you text someone telling them you'll kick your professor's ass, anyways? Licking sounds much more erotic :)


Lmfao. Maybe she can join?

HeresReality 0

fake, that kick does not auto correct as lick no matter wha phone you have. and it's not an fml because she would believe you if you said you mis typed it

yeah, it does auto correct to lick, on my phone anyways.

Yes it does. K and L are on the same key. Troll. -.-

Okay I agree it's not fml worthy but T9 can make it say lick, if you start to type that word more than kick it will auto change, so find another way to be an asshole.

Yeah because it's not like you could just send a text right after that saying, "oh I meant KICK haha".

and that jerk deleted his comment cause he sees how wrong he was

I'm gonna lick all your asses if you don't stop disrespecting this man. shit, I mean kick.

dude thats funny i aint given u n fml for that or ne shyt

YDI it for cheating XD

yeaa but be careful cause if things start heating up with this chick and you want to say something like "I want to lick stuff off you" it might say "I want to kick stuff off you" so... ya watch what you text

pongmaster 0

let's hope he doesn't keep his pencils back there!

GR3453m0nk3y 4

wow thats dumb. a few months ago i posted "Today, I texted my girlfriend saying, "i want to lick your pussy." but it changed to "i want to kick your puppy." FML i think mines worse and true

Haha nice #82. I txtd a chinese guy at work saying thanks for covering for me, his name is Brian. T9 changed it to "Thanks, Asian". Also, my T9 changes "script" to "rapist"

doubt it..

lol @ 81 n I seen that one #82 XD

yeah I know right how is this a fml?

MrsFunsize 0

Lmgbo! That's funny but yea I agree that u should've jst sent another txt afterwards that said "haha I meant Kick not lick"

Not to play Mr. Obvious, but someone that is Chinese constitutes someone of Asian decent. So yes I would say Brian was Asian. Please reread things.

natedog193 0

#154: another soldier of snickerdoodles

i've read that somewhere before. maybe. EDIT: the lick your pussy/kick your puppy post i mean.

I might be a smartass, but I was just trying to play. I hope you would not count me as the same category as snickerdoodles. Sorry.

I like to lick ass licks my dogs ass all day now u can join the club ass lickers unite

renaet 0

YES! T9 always changes Brian to Asian and my friend named Brian is also Asian so I have to be really careful o_o

I bet she is laughing her ass off.

I'm so sure it was the auto-correction

RevengeOnYou 0

YDI for not double checking.

cowgod 0

this isn't really an fml. some one should start a site that posts funny stories like these.

CrAzY_MaN100 0

got a little tongue twisted?

why would it turn kick into lick?

lexielovesyou 0

ahhh, fail. [:

kick is an actual word, so unless your phone is retarded it didn't "correct" kick.(my phone isn't as I type this). You probably typo'd and just to silly to admit it... K & L are next to eachother

lol. if she's a keeper she'll understand. oh and t9 sucks, full keyboards FTW

HeyThereGorgeous 0

psh no way T9 all the way. it makes my dad to see panther come out as panties and paper come out as rapes 

hellokittywhore 0

I know I was txting my now bf and I wanted to txt him that I felt like a whore, and It wrote I fuck like a whore. lol smooth. :/

Ohhh I just laughed hysterically at this one...

renaet 0

I don't see how T9 changes felt to fuck..? Do you type "fuck" so much that it auto-completes it after the first letter?

oh no!!! Why not just text her again and say you meant to say kick? How is this even an FML?

This isn't so much an FML as it is just funny and momentarily embarrassing.

saossk8r 0

yup yup

I agree. y just txt her back saying kick instead of lick. how is this an fml?

#3, would you prefer to see an FML that looks like this instead? today, my mom died. from stress my dad shot himself in the head, hearing this my crazy and only aunt robbed a bank and is now in prison, my uncle was shot while trying to bust her out. I now have no family, no money, and I'm already 3 months late on my credit card and college bills. is that better?!

renaet 0

I think even if they did let those kinds of FMLs up we'd still see like 100 idiots clicking YDI and a handful trying to justify it in the comments: "YDI for having your mom die."

Jrook 0

173 lmao you rock

I wish no one clicked YDI if they didn't deserve it. D:

RKftw 0

u forgot to put FML at the end

DOH! I DID forget the FML :( I'm epic fail

yea I had one a while ago that talked about my dead mom and I guess I deserved it cause a million douches on this said so

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Why would you text someone telling them you'll kick your professor's ass, anyways? Licking sounds much more erotic :)

Maddoctor 10

Because she gave him an F and he's going to knock some sense into her! But I think licking would get her to change the grade faster...

MermaidSongXOXO 6

lol xD true.

Ajjas013 6

Lick actually means fight. Well, it used to in the old Tom Sawyer books.

lilbyrd43 0

yeah...alot of locals in Hawaii substitute the word fight for lick

MXavierT 0

So... He's gonna' have a brawl with the professor's ass?

bluesclues72 0

you should lick it if you want an A!!

Lethario14 0

this isn't even a FML

lmao man doesnt that suck

I agree. this is just a mistake that happens, specially on iPhone. this is not a FML!!!

that auto correct can sure be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Vut Aometines ot comes in gandy

shadowkiss13 0

At first i was like WTF?! what kind of language is that. It took me a while to realize. And that is the exact reason it should not have that whole T9 crap

do u not reread what u say??

valdezadair 0

yummy! Someone Is coming out the closet on FML! It's okay, at least he's not a priest otherwise he'd like it.