By Anonymous - 17/07/2013 20:27 - United States - Wales

Today, my girlfriend guilted me into roleplaying as Justin Bieber before and during sex. I now feel physically ill. FML
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Did you scream "baby, baby, baby, ooh..."?

I am so very sorry for your misfortune.


Did you scream "baby, baby, baby, ooh..."?

alexwow1 13

Ha this is hilarious

SmallyBigs 9

Your girlfriend must have lesbian desires.

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Little known fact, OP actually had to play catcher ( as the biebs normally does ) and that is why he is so physically ill

#67 Well, that is why I am taking his man card away.

Doesn't matter had sex!

Pwn17 25

True 102. We can joke about it all we want, but at the end of the day, OP was the one who got laid!

Girl, quit playin'

That was the first song to pop into my head.

I am so very sorry for your misfortune.

All you have to do is put on some muscle, nothing like beiber then

I don't want to think about how exactly he fore played as him... a Beiber wig??

Role playing Bieber, would that include having legions of fans who would die for you or the ability to get some hot tail for a change. YDI, OP.

Tell her she is an ugly man and flip her over..... She just agreed to something else too :o

Awe man I feel bad for him too. Hope she grows up one day

zed34 18

I would dump her!

Not extreme enough. Bash her brains in with the nearest heavy blunt object and run off to live in the forest for the next fifty years OP.

\ 28

Or "come out" to her stating that JB changed OP's sexuality

Hey is your profile picture actually you? Also- your comment is so original k' bye.

Never say never....

grahmagog 14

Theres no scraping that scar from the innards of your cranium

He can cleanse himself with his girlfriend's blood.

Tomorrow she should really do something hot for you.

Yeah! OP think up the weirdest fantasy yoy have evet had and telk her she owes you!

Co1121 11

Make her role play as Ariana Grande

Your man card OP?? Hand it over.

I'm thinking it has not been issued yet.

hopsinlove17 26

Or it's been revoked.

It's definitely been revoked. Not that my gf even listens to that trash but there is no way in hell she would get me role play that woman!

TheDrifter 23

Did she make you wear a Beiber wig? It's not total humiliation without the wig.

....did you take a shower? You might need one!

OP might want to take A cold shower, to get rid of the "Beiber Fever"

rg350dx 29

There isn't enough soap and water in the world to cleanse OP of that dirty deed.

I don't blame you. Maybe just say you never want to do that again?