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Today, my cat has figured out that while I'm good at sleeping through her nagging in the early morning hours, I will unfailingly wake up for my baby. FML
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No need to get rid of the cat, she's good to both my baby and my older son and I have absolutely no fears regarding her and the kids. I still have no clue how she does what she does, I assume she either meows in their room long enough to wake up the baby or she paws him through the rails of the crib until he wakes up. She has food available at all times, so that's not an issue (and she's really thin btw). Pretty sure she just wants to go outside to do whatever it is cats do at night (roam, hunt, interact). I might have to try the dark room suggestion though, thanks for reminding me - it was the only thing that got her to stop peeing all over the house. That or throwing her out of the house at night altogether, nevermind the cold. Sleep is precious, especially with a baby in the house.

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so she attacked the baby? damn that's a smart, evil cat.

I'm confused. Do you mean she terrorizes your baby at night or that she imitates the baby's cries?


so she attacked the baby? damn that's a smart, evil cat.

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If the cat is attacking the baby, put a crib tent up. It helps keep the cat out of the crib.

It is also possible the cat made a cry like the baby's as cats can manipulate their voices to make hundreds of different sounds.

I think, next time it happens, punish the cat by locking it in one room or something for a few hours. It's not too cruel I think, and AFAIK punishment is the best form of education.

I'm pretty sure a cat is not gonna learn anything by being locked in a room. Cats do whatever the hell they want and "disciplining" them really isn't gonna help.

Or the cat could have just meowed in the baby's room until she or he woke up, so that OP had to get up. No need to abandon any cat here.

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35: That's why I had to put my baby Penelope up for adoption. :( She pulled Mittens' tail, and NO ONE messes with my cat.

Okay so your saying that you put your child up for adoption because she pulled the cats tail? That ****?

58 - I think they might have been making a joke. Crazy, I know.

36, On the contrary, I've found the best way to discipline a cat is to put them all alone in a dark room and ignore them for an hour or two. I had a cat who used to howl outside my bedroom door every morning, asking to be fed or let outside. Rather than give her what she wanted, I put her in the bathroom with the light off for a while. She stopped that behavior real quick. Then I had a mean cat who would pick fights with my other cats. When he started getting aggressive, I simply put him in the spare room by himself for an hour or so. You see, contrary to popular belief, cats do need companionship, and when they act out it's usually because they want attention in one way or another. If they learn that they get ignored for their behavior instead, they quickly change their behavior.

WHAT IS THIS "JOKE" YOU SPEAK OF? I have never heard of such things. Must be black magic.. WITCH! BURN THE WITCH!

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No 61 we don't make jokes on FML. That'd be against the FML code of conduct. Never make up lies about your life.

#65 I think you may be retarded. "I had a cat who used to howl outside my bedroom door every morning, asking to be fed..." Yeah, it's hungry and doesn't have access to the food. It's asking for food because you're the owner, and your starving it. I think that's why it's making noise. "...and when they act out it's usually because they want attention in one way or another..." Yeah, such as being fed. Disciplining a cat, for starting an attack, in this way is fine. Punishing the cat because it's hungry and wants to be fed, is not.

80, There's nothing wrong with being hungry. But there is something wrong with waking me up at 4 in the morning on a Saturday. The cat was well fed and never had to wait for a meal for more than a few hours, which is no worse than what I have to experience at work sometimes. Excuse me for not allowing my animal to become accustomed to eating every morning before sun up.

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Cats don't understand the concept of punishment. if you try to punish a cat they won't understand why you did what you did to them

92, No, but they understand cause and effect. "Whenever I scratch the couch, water sprays at me. I don't like water. I won't scratch the couch anymore."

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Why would you put your daughter up for adoption instead if getting rid of the damn cat. That's just wrong.

Or read what other people commented after the joke, for that matter.

The car could just lick the babu to wake him/her up but I'm sure I read somewhere that cats carry a virus that can be fatal to young babies and/or the elderly.

112- No. Cats carry a parasite, not a virus, that is not fatal to anyone. The supposed issue with cats and babies is that people are afraid the cat will lay on the baby's head and smother it. This is, of course, total bullshit. Unless you have a cat that actually likes to sleep on people's faces, in which case keep the cat out of the baby's room at night. Simple.

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#112.... That is sheep.. Not cats. I can see your confusion though.

Thr problem with cats and babies is cats can smell the milk on the baby and want it. The rumor is that cats will smother the baby trying to reach whatever milk they smell. This doesn't mean you throw your cats out. Just don't let the cat around the baby when its a newborn. At around 6 months babies can move on their own and its not really a worry with cats anymore. Cats aren't stupid, they're not going to kill your baby for a smelling milk. But if everyones worried, just keep the cat away until the baby can move around on its own.

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u chose ur cat over ur child # 44

*That's a smart, evil cat No need to be redundant.

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You both are partially correct. Some cats carry a parasite called toxoplasmosis, which is not harmful to them and is expelled in their excrement. It will not kill an adult or a child. HOWEVER, it CAN cause a pregnant woman to miscarry, which is why they are cautioned against cleaning litter, especially during the first trimester.

#157Cats actually can't have milk they are lactose intolerant

I'm confused. Do you mean she terrorizes your baby at night or that she imitates the baby's cries?

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My guess is the cat imitates the baby. I find it hard to believe that OP would keep the cat if it was harming the baby

That's only one of two viable possibilities. I'm still on the side of it's imitating the child, since cats can do that sort of shit.

When my cat really wants my attention, I swear the fur ball says 'hello!' When he's kinda creepy. More so when I'm sleeping...

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Thanks for that laugh Alan! I SO wish I could thumb you up for that one :) (I think I was so amused by this cause my cat snores super-loud too)

Well Alan, you have the stubbornness of a boar, so it's a fair imitation (I'm already on your S-list, I don't think I can go much deeper)

#63 I'm pretty sure my cat makes a meow that sounds way to close to "mooommm" as a child who is trying to get their mom to let them do something that they were told "no" to. I would do it as a joke to him when he would whine and I think he is imitating it!

Cats meows actually have altered as they have domesticated to more closely mimic the sound of a human infant, and of course the fact they vocalize as often as they do beyond kittenhood is a product of evolution found only in domestic cats. Fun facts.

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Both of mine can also say "mama" and "no."

Just make a space for the cat where she/he can't get out. Make sure it's big enough so that the cat can roam around until you wake up

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Cats scared me :O they're too smart. =_=

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I thought this would be a good place for a pussy joke, but then thought better of it. Aren't you glad I didn't say something idiotic like "Don't be a pussy?"

something tells me you typed that in just to say the joke but didn't want to get downvoted..

#13: Something tells me he was poking fun at the people not original enough to post anything other than that joke for a cat FML.

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#13, also as an attempt to vaccinate this story from the inevitable flood of predictable jokes. I might as well try to head off my other pet peeve-du-jour: Ahem! I hope you mean EX-cat.

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That is one tenacious cat. It also appears to be smarter than half the people I graduated school with.

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Nice use of the word "tenacious" #12!

so much for not paying attention to the cat