By igotsbadluck - 17/07/2013 21:44 - United States - Smyrna

Today, while walking into a hotel room, I passed by a full-sized mirror. My reflection scared me so badly that I punched the mirror, which then shattered and resulted in several cuts to my hand. FML
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I think a lack of reflection would scare me more 0.o

I'm surprised it didn't shatter by itself


You're that ugly?

Nah, she just had to say she punched the mirror. Where in reality the mirror just shattered by her looking at it.

She's not ugly, she's beyond ugly. A severe case of "Ugly Barnacle".

OP makes Chewbacca look like a stud

...or that stupid? Oh, yeah, I guess OP is!

Chewbacca is a stud

I'm surprised it didn't shatter by itself

"Mirror, mirror, on the wa- *shatter*

Ruuuude. I laughed though.

How'd you get BOTH of the top two comments?

A big shiny twilight style "You deserved it!"

(you tried) Look at the stars... (you tried) Look how they shine for you... (you tried)

I think a lack of reflection would scare me more 0.o

I've come to accept my lack of a reflection!!

If there is no reflection then it's probably a window

A little more careful next time maybe? God knows how much it'll cost to fix it, not to mention your own medical expenses :(

I don't think that's a great reflex. I hope no one tries to give you a surprise party!

Reminds me of the Halloween episode of family guy where the cut away is where Brian and Peter see their reflections. Brian says after seeing himself in a glass door, get out of my house, runs into glass door, knocks himself out. Then Peter comes in, sees his reflection, yells "who did this?" Points at himself in the mirror and says "you did this you son of a bitch" runs into same glass door and knocks himself out. Lmao.. God I need a life. Haha. Nice job op. lol.

I love it when Brian acts like a dog. He's portrayed so human-like, it's amusing to see him do what a normal dog would (I.E. run into window).

I think this is one of the best conversations I've ever seen on FML!!! lol

45, you must be new here.

It's okay, if I saw you walk by me out of nowhere I'd punch you too.

Now hopefully you won't get more bad luck from shattering a mirror!

A word of advice: Don't punch mirrors. YDI, OP