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Today, I realized that I am dating a 25 year-old man-child. He turns 13 whenever he sees my boobs, complete with big eyes and saying "honk honk" whenever he touches them. FML
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Mostmen are man-children at heart, it never changes. Accept it and it will make life alot easier.

Gonna need to see said boobs before I can pass judgement.


woah...a comment from pleb that dint say get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich

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oh my ******* god really? "all men are like this" . . . replace men with woman and this thread will be filled with 300 raging femenists typing in caps lock how much of a sexist pig you are and that you will never find yourself a wife, so for all you ******* commentors saying "all men are like this" you need to seriously consider dating more then the autistic greeting man at wal-mart

You have a valid point, Unregistered, however a good deal (not all) of men are like this. My mother says that even my 52 year old stepdad gets like that sometimes. I don't know why it bothers women so much. I just squeeze his back and say "beep beep."

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make me a sandwich NOW bitch!

Mostmen are man-children at heart, it never changes. Accept it and it will make life alot easier.

Exactly what I was gunna say; aren't all men like that?

So how is that different than any other guy. Deal with it they're all children. It's more a FOL for women.

Today, I realized I'm dating a guy who trusts me enough to be himself around me. FML.

...going 'honk honk' would be a bit of a problem for me, and I'm a fairly open-minded person.

Sounds like you need a better sense of humour then, to put it bluntly.

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**** you u damn sexist bitches. women are all psychotic little ***** at heart

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I agree(besides with the slutty part) and I'm a female!

shit that guy needs to get laid more often. when I was thirteen my gf had dolly partons and I didn't go "HONK HONK" with them all day, I just knew how to satisfy her with them.

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Aye, boys are always boys, no matter what age. In your case, get over him and get a man instead.

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Oh come -on-. My boyfriend and I play ass tag running up flights of stairs. It doesn't hurt to be a little playful once in a while.

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Yeah **** freeze tag, awesome people play with asses.

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.... the 14 and 15 year old guys that I've done don't act like that.... then again the one was so obsessed with my boobs I kind of lost feeling in them for a while >.<

Why is everyone having sex like at age 12 now? This is why I hated junior high - full of horny kids.

14 & 15 year old guys? I'm sorry but it seems like most young girls are *****...

Only cool girls can get guys this young So go to bed everyone whos against this

No the cool girls get the seniors, the slutty ones do the freshman boys and a fair amount to eventually atract the senior boys...

Then she can get to work on the senior class guys. :,D Except they have less mercy,. they'll dub you as a hit and run.

No No No The cool girls get the freshmans so they can get sent to the headmasters room, they also get to see some bad boys on the way. WIN/WIN

No No No The cool girls use the freshman to get to the headmasters room. They also get to see bad boyz on the way. WIN/WIN

Ahhh i fail Sorry people Rings ex * Sammich please, thankyou*

15 yr old boys don't act 'childishly' because they are too busy trying to seem mature. Men, on the other hand, arn't afraid to act like kids because they are (a) comfortable with themselves, and (b) comfortable with the person they are with. Unless the OPs BF is a slack-jawed idiot incapable of holding a conversation, he is being open with you. You know, like how we always hear that women want men to be. If the guy is an idiot then YDI for dating him, and if he is just being fun, then Y don't DI because you think this is an FML, when its just FY.

My little sister was like you when she was that age. Guess who was an aunt at 16?

The_Pleb, read out the word "shutthefuckup" really slowly. Then shove it up your ass and take the advice.

its sex! its supposed to be wild and fun! there's no point if ur gonna be following sum rule book n boring shit! boys will be boys!

any senior who dates a freshman girl is a loser, because if they weren't, they'd be dating an older woman or at least some one their own age. think about it, I hate freshmen, they're anoying little brats, and I don't ever want to associate myself with one because I can get girls my own age and older.

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26-I agree,I am 13,but I hate the way my generation dressed/acts

Gonna need to see said boobs before I can pass judgement.