By explainer - 08/11/2011 17:54 - South Africa

Today, I had to explain to my girlfriend why it is inappropriate for her to go skinny dipping with her male friends. FML
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If you have to explain that she's probably too young for you bro


It's not like anything serious is happening, it's just your girlfriend having some innocent fun with her friends and if that's not ok with... Oh my god! Splash-Fight!!! *strips down and jumps in*

The girl is naked and her guy friends are also naked. what is innocent about that? I'm assuming that you wouldn't mind if your girlfriend/ boyfriend was swimming naked with other people. @ OP, You could always try and skinny dip with her or your girl friends.

34- all I read from your comment is that you don't understand sarcasm.

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Or go skinny dipping with her girl friends!

@ 39, I do understand sarcasm and I don't think that 23 was sarcastic. I think that he was trying to be funny. It doesn't matter wich one it was, because I think that he failed at both. Either way I stick with my previous comment.

83- I was doing both so why don't you stop acting like a dick. Doesn't your profile say you're "a nice person"? Because right now you're making yourself look like an ass.

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Actually no, 83 was stating their opinion I see nothing wrong with it. I'm a fan of sarcasm and practice it daily, and I didn't find your original commeny very funny.

This FML reminded me of that song... "What, she tripped, fell, landed on his dick?"

Omg are you kidding me? Are you fuckig kidding me? This girl is so stupid. She's stupider than a telephone pole. Gawsh.

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1-800-CHOKE-DAT-HOE! That's all I have to say to you OP... She obviously isn't worth the explanation!

Your probably a ****!!!! And don't say your not cause your a guy or a Christian!!!!!!!!

Maybe all her guy friends are gay but you can never be sure abou these things

120, 'stupider'... Yup. Makes perfect sense!

Lol I was just moderating and saw an FML where the boyfriend broke up with a girl for skinny dipping with her guy friends, they were all gay

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Tell her that you will go skinny dipping with your female "friends".

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I don't think you should be calling people stupid when clearly you're not very smart yourself.."stupider" is not a word... Just saying..

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The water might not be the only thing that's getting dipped in.

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Not the only thing? Waaaiiit a minuuutte. Eez eeet yoooo? Naughty noody booty dude you.

Dump her, if she's that stupid. Then she obviously doesn't have enough respect for you and herself. Find yourself someone better.

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I don't think she was "skinny dipping" it sounds like a shitty lie to cover up what she was really doing in the water with her "male friends" @OP you need a new girl

Just so you know it is called Guilty Conscience.

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135, Are u referring to Guilty Conscience by Dr. Dre & Eminem?

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113- eminen! Guilty conscious, such a funny song in a bad way

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Sheesh, so being naked with other people in a pool or a lake = something dirty is going to happen? I seriously don't understand... I guess going to Sauna naked with your lady and guy friends at the same time is so horrible.

can I go skinny dipping with you?? :)

you practice sarcasm?!!!!! who does that?!!

I'm sure her male friends will understand. LOLLLL no jk

Really I don't see why he doesn't just go to a strip club every week until she notices, then if she bitches at him for doing that, he'll say it's the same thing that she's doing.

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Not really....... He isn't stripping.... Though guess I can see it the other way around, still that argument is shakier than if he chose to have a regular strip-poker night with some friends who just Happen to have ****. And vaginas. And nice bodies. And may possibly just happen to dance on poles on the occasion for monetary gain. Yeah.

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^(to be read in stewie griffin's voice as if talking to Brian about his book)

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Hahahaha I totally heard it in his voice! Yeaaah.

Unless they're groping her or she letting them stroke off to her there's nothing wrong with what shes doing, he shouldn't be such a little pusy lol

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Don't skinny dip at all! •_•

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I bet she believed it when her horny male friends told her how every girl does this and her BF is uptight for not letting her.

117- there's nothing wrong with skinny dipping

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Yea ain't nothin wrong just exposing itself to every1

47 - Or she's comfortable in her own body. Is that even an option these days?

If you have to explain that she's probably too young for you bro

Haha did anyone else see that jersey shore episode?

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You guys are all torn up over his possession, or lack there of, of a prick, but my question is: How can you loose something you never had? Also, 84, no. Return below the rock from whence you came

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184 that would be. Damn phone spazzing out and not loading fast enough to edit >.<

She's one of them brah, now make her a sandwich

rofl, I wondered why you just randomly brought up gay stuff and homosexuality, but then I saw the "USMC" in your name and it all kinda made sense. posing douche.

I believe it's pronounced "doesn't matter had sex"

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It DOES matter because shes having sex with THEM... lol

I called my parents right after I was done