Make believe

By somebodyelse - 17/08/2009 05:13 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting pretty hot and heavy, then he said, "Let's pretend you're someone else." FML
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mmmm He knows how to talk dirty.


aw that really sucks : ( you should dump him!

get plastic surgery

YDI for not being someone else

ram1212 0

yea it's ok dont's be nourvous and think positive

ouch, that sucks. dump him, or not. but there's always plenty of others out there that aren't going to look for you to pretend to be like one of the backstreet boys.

Ouch. well idk what to say

monicamischief 0

i don't understand why you people are calling him a jerk, or telling her that she should dump him. it probably wasn't even an insult; it sounds as if he just wanted to roleplay :S

I agree this is not a FML...Roleplaying can be lots of fun, I think he is trying something new. Maybe she would like it if she tried it

Yeah, my first thought was that he was just suggesting roleplay. Many couples do it. Though I suppose it wouldn't be on FML if he didn't mean it more like "I'm going to pretend you're my ex" or something.... Unless she's just being a twit and purposely twisting the words so she can have an FML up.

rachelbrianna25 0

twit? wowww... u must be old. LMAO!

Slightly drastic, #1, don't you think? -.-

your a dumb kunt of a woman. he'd talking about role playing you fuck

shayyyyy 0

exactly what I was thinking

Unless he was just kidding... :S

hecuva 0

My boyfriend does the same thing a lot, well more he just talks about how he wants other people with us. Then after he says that he was just saying it in the heat of the moment and that he doesn't actually want it to happen. Or that he just wants me to sleep with them because he thinks it would be hot to watch... oi

CL41RE 0

That's sucks, but I'm getting tired of all these 'hot and heavy' fmls.

Nah, don't dump him. I'm sick of all these whiny girlfriend FMLs. I hope he dumps you. EDIT: This was meant to be a reply to #1. :S

fckinbowdown 0

you should have said ok and let's also pretend that you don't have a small dick!

so......who did you pretend to be?

fjretsel 1

make him take it up the ass and ask him to say "holy smokes Batman"!!!!

Wow, did he elaborate?

ram1212 0

i was reading magzine suddenly i have a idea came in the my mind i want to tell you only alone..........

bubblemari 2

Lol, what a bitch thinking about another bitch when ur in bed with him! ha super whore

Did he try to call you Brittany? If so, it's really time to dump him and move on. He can't be helped.

i think he was just trying to spice things up... no biggy

griffins33 4

Ya it's called roleplaying

mmmm He knows how to talk dirty.

yep, pretty sure reading this fml turned me on. i wish someone would say that to me.

Only pretty sure? I fucking jizzed in my pants already.

LOL! FYL, but this is so funny!