Great move

By TheGreatAndPowerfulDerp - 13/09/2020 05:02

Today, I got pulled over for speeding. Knowing how much more it would cost in the long run, I handed the officer my license with $300 in cash, "as something to consider for just a warning." He came back with a ticket and verbally warned me that police bribery is a felony. He kept the money. FML
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Congrats on not getting arrested for a felony.

So, the cop took a $300 bribe for not arresting you for bribery? Call Alanis Morrisette! She needs to write another verse!


So, the cop took a $300 bribe for not arresting you for bribery? Call Alanis Morrisette! She needs to write another verse!

Dude asked for a warning, he got a warning. Seems fair.

Congrats on not getting arrested for a felony.

As dumb as he is for trying to bribe the cop, the cop is still pretty corrupt for taking the money at all. This is why people are protesting...because so many police are bad and never held accountable.

People are protesting because of the police who have shot and killed unarmed black citizens. Just casually bitching about corrupt cops is not the cause of the protests, people have been doing this for years.

And why are police getting away with shooting unarmed black people? Because of corruption and lack of accountability.

Because they’re black. It’s deeper than corruption and accountability. The history of “policing” has a racist ties to begin with. It was never something meant to protect black people.

how fast were you going? Also the cop may have seen it as a good life lesson, "money doesn't always get you everything". a lesson many have not learned and never need to. you were stupid enough to commit a felony to save some money, and he taught you an expensive lesson AND did not arrest you for being stupid. take the win, I dislike cops, but he was being nice, and far less corrupt than had he let you just walk from the ticket because you can afford a bribe. next time just apologize, ask for a high fine if it cost points off the license and don't exclusively speed. and don't worry this lesson is free XD

He probably said that, because cops have a body cam.

You're lucky you didn't get arrested. You deserved this.

He did give you a warning, about not committing felony bribery of an officer.

YDI for speeding in the first place, then trying to bribe the cop. You sound like one of those self-entitled rich kids who had everything handed to you on a silver platter who thinks you're above the law. Time to face reality.

Pretty sure he may have kept it and put it into evidence in case you contested the charges. You deserve what you get. However, you may not be out of the woods. Whether the cop arrests you or not, if that money is entered into evidence and he has a body cam, you may serve jail time once you go before a judge. I dont think “he kept the bribery money”. I think he booked the evidence of your unbelievable stupidity. I understand some countries and culture work where bribery is normal every day business (some countries allow you to declare on taxes bribes spent for credit on tax breaks) but most western countries prosecute for this exact reason. I can cite multiple cases in the 20’s and 30’s how much of a problem bribes from mafias caused. Its why its usually a felony when caught.