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Today, my wife told me she was pregnant. I don't remember having sex since last year. FML
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Either she cheated or I would recommend seeing a doctor about your memory.


Either she cheated or I would recommend seeing a doctor about your memory.

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After a year of no sex I would recommend seeing someone you would bang.

CaramelMacchiato 13

^ By "last year" OP probably means five months ago.

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I think op needs a doctor with a tardis.

I hope your a white couple and the baby is black. Mama loves her some chocolate lol

tehaustiebear 34

The real FML here is that he hasn't had sex in a year.

OP maybe she drugged you with you when you were sleeping

Well maybe you should treat your wife like a woman and make love every once in a while?

shift_love 13

Maybe he has sexaomnia and did her in his sleep. It happens. I saw a tv show about it lol.

If you haven't had sex for that long, it shouldn't be a surprise that your wife cheated on you. Not that I'm justifying it, that's still a shitty thing for her to do.

156) Well yeah, but sex is a big part of marriage. If they haven't had sex in over a year then there's most likely something wrong.

204- well not necessarily, people have their reasons. I mean in this case we can tell what the reason is, but it all depends on the couple and how they feel about it.

JasonEP 3

156/206 You are too young. Say whatever you want, people have sex. And people get married wanting to have sex. Sex is a big factor in how a marriage is going and that's something they will even ask you if they were to go to marriage counseling. So you don't really know what you are talking about when it comes to that. Not trying to be rude

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Well that should help with you winning in the divorce

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I think you have amnesia my friend...

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That's what she said. *runs and hides from mob with pitchforks*

Hey, where did 59 go? I wanted to test out my new pitchfork :(

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Screw pitchforks, I'm bringing an axe.

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This reminds me of Al Bundy from Married with Children... He could just have a sneaky and sex-starved wife who rapes him with he's passed out.

RedPillSucks 31
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Doesn't matter, had sex. Oh wait... Hahaha.

There are few conclusions we can come up with: 1- op has amnesia 2- op deserves it cuz he hadn't had sex for a year (woman needs action) 3- if op didn't have sex with her for a year he might be getting it on somewhere else. Then still op deserves it 4- Op is probably on a job that doesn't allow him to be with his wife for a year. Then poor op his wife should stay committed to him.FYL

...Or maybe his wife never always pulled the, "I have a headache" card because SHE was getting some on the side. And the side dish got her knocked up. you people and trying to pin it all on the OP :(

AliceLockehart 18

The FML said since last year. There's always a chance the baby is his & she's 5 months pregnant. My Mum didn't know about her last one til she was 6 months.

#2 I have a feeling alcohol was involved.

I think that b**** cheated on you my friend*

GirlOnFire143 6

Well time to ask her some inquiring questions about her sex life. She could have cheated. Or you could not remember. When she's later in the pregnancy do a DNA test to see!

DNA tests are possible before the baby is born via an amniocentesis. it's the same way they test for possible birth defects or complications

They don't do them here in aus before birth either, as the procedure is too dangerous to the unborn child. Why risk your child's life before its even born just for a damn DNA test?

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*Backstage fondling of crying woman by maury*

OhDearBetrayal 25

*Guy walks around with big smirk on his face because now he doesn't have to worry about child support and her cheating was exposed.*

*Guy starts dancing like a boss because he's not the father.*

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Wow. This comment was used already by sailorzoe a few fmls ago. Way to be original BRA lol

*Grandmother with a disappointed look on her face.

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get out now buddy, this chicks a *****

You can't just assume his wife is a *****... Maybe he just has bad memory.

DeadxManxWalking 27

I can see why she cheated. (If that's really the case)

challan 19

I don't understand why you were thumbed down. Yea, they are married and she shouldn't cheat, but no contact for a year? That's unacceptable unless you've been injured or sick.

Maybe it's her fault they never have sex. If it was the other way around everyone would be grabbing their torches and pitchforks while yelling "Burn the man *****!!". She shouldn't resort to cheating on him, she should talk to him about it.

This is the whole double standard thing again about hat women can do and what men can do. Seems very common on this site. Just because they haven't had sex in a year it doesn't make it OKAY to cheat.

challan 19

I wasn't giving a double standard. In fact, I believe I have a male perspective when it comes to sex. For example in my last relationship, I was always the aggressor, and my sex drive was three times what his was. However, I did not cheat on him. I would never cheat on any spouse/partner that I was committed to. I would leave the relationship! I repeat... A year with no physical contact is unacceptable.

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Of course that doesn't make cheating okay but like come on...a year??? Why????