By rj / Saturday 12 May 2012 14:42 / United States - Goddard
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  happle  |  21

If you haven't had sex for that long, it shouldn't be a surprise that your wife cheated on you. Not that I'm justifying it, that's still a shitty thing for her to do.

  JasonEP  |  3


You are too young. Say whatever you want, people have sex. And people get married wanting to have sex. Sex is a big factor in how a marriage is going and that's something they will even ask you if they were to go to marriage counseling.

So you don't really know what you are talking about when it comes to that. Not trying to be rude

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

There are few conclusions we can come up with:

1- op has amnesia
2- op deserves it cuz he hadn't had sex for a year (woman needs action)
3- if op didn't have sex with her for a year he might be getting it on somewhere else. Then still op deserves it
4- Op is probably on a job that doesn't allow him to be with his wife for a year. Then poor op his wife should stay committed to him.FYL

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

...Or maybe his wife never always pulled the, "I have a headache" card because SHE was getting some on the side. And the side dish got her knocked up.

you people and trying to pin it all on the OP

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Well time to ask her some inquiring questions about her sex life. She could have cheated. Or you could not remember. When she's later in the pregnancy do a DNA test to see!

  GothicAngel17  |  24

They don't do them here in aus before birth either, as the procedure is too dangerous to the unborn child. Why risk your child's life before its even born just for a damn DNA test?

  challan  |  19

I don't understand why you were thumbed down. Yea, they are married and she shouldn't cheat, but no contact for a year? That's unacceptable unless you've been injured or sick.

  esines  |  9

Maybe it's her fault they never have sex. If it was the other way around everyone would be grabbing their torches and pitchforks while yelling "Burn the man whore!!". She shouldn't resort to cheating on him, she should talk to him about it.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

This is the whole double standard thing again about hat women can do and what men can do. Seems very common on this site.

Just because they haven't had sex in a year it doesn't make it OKAY to cheat.

  challan  |  19

I wasn't giving a double standard. In fact, I believe I have a male perspective when it comes to sex. For example in my last relationship, I was always the aggressor, and my sex drive was three times what his was. However, I did not cheat on him. I would never cheat on any spouse/partner that I was committed to. I would leave the relationship! I repeat... A year with no physical contact is unacceptable.

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