By grossedout - 29/08/2013 16:26 - United States - Endicott

Today, I actually had to explain to my husband why his habit of wiping his boogers off into our baby's hair has to stop. FML
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ApollosMyth 22

Well, I hope it was snot too hard to explain.

I cannot believe why a grown man would do that to his own baby O.O


ApollosMyth 22

Well, I hope it was snot too hard to explain.

Or that he should, booger off. Get it? Like bug off but it makes.... no sense.... **** I SUCK!

wingedangel123 8

@27 No worries, you've redeemed your HONOUR by admitting it. Now you have punty of time to study up! ... ...yes I admit that was bad, too.

ApollosMyth 22

No, no I am not. Surprisingly common question though.

His fingers have been in other holes besides his nostrils. Like his mouth after picking his nose? Or other holes

I cannot believe why a grown man would do that to his own baby O.O

Well it'd be gross to do it to your own hair.

That is disgusting and abusive. What kind of pathetic person tread their own child that way? I'd divorce that lame excuse for a man.

Calm down.. He just wiped boogers in the baby's hair.. It's not like he hit it.

That's really gross... She should start wiping boogers in his hair while he sleeps if he doesn't stop.

It would be even more gross if he did it to someone else's baby...

Your baby must be really happy with you as a parent, since you think mistreating a baby that can't defend itself is "no big deal".

some babies eat their own shit and your arking up because he wiped some boogers on his own childs head- who i hope has baths so its not like there is a collections of boogers on this kids head. i personally think its hilarious! but i assume youre a close minded christian with a bible shoved up their ass. you have no right being on FML

Someone needs to learn to be a better father

Someone needs to learn to stop taking douche bag shirtless selfies.

DFresh503 8

Faceless shirtless selfless at that hahahaha. OP should introduce her husband to a box of Kleenex and make him use those instead of the babies head... ******* people are so dumb!

Yes, introduce your husband to a box of Kleenex. And if he doesn't stop wiping boogers in baby's hair, he'll need those tissues for a second reason.

im sure the baby does a good enough job putting his OWN boogers in his hair, without the extra help. but, you know what they say: the more the merrier!

Yeah, probably OP's husband thought that just made it a victimless crime.

Wow. You've got yourself quite a sophisticated husband there.

JE553 9

I've herd boogers give your hair a great shine

ApollosMyth 22

And it's a cheap way to dye your hair green.

You're doing it wrong. Boogers cannot be herded, but are awesome on leashes.

JE553 9

#10 Damn, I guess all the money I put into a booger barn is wasted now

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Kleenex!!! Tissue!!! Something else! My god how is snotty baby hair better tossing a tissue? You would have to wash that out or something? Nasty.

what if the boogers are the baby's and not your husband? just a thought.

ApollosMyth 22

My guess is she saw it happen.