By Creeped out - 28/01/2013 08:14 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I was trying on some shoes. As I was bending down, an old lady with a walking frame slowly approached. As she got close she whispered to me, "Mmm, you've got a nice tushie." My girlfriend will not let me hear the end of it. FML
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Psycho_Babydoll 26

Awwh c'mon, that's funny as hell.

RedPillSucks 31

All the more reason why she's a strange man.


What a wasted opportunity for this comment. You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity

RpiesSPIES 27
RedPillSucks 31

All the more reason why she's a strange man.

Am I the only one who read 18's comment in a Buzz Lightyear voice?

Why has this been thumbed down. She is a girl

klovemachine 24

I just did 28, and thank you for the laugh :D

29- So you're saying girls can't be thumbed down?

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Awwh c'mon, that's funny as hell.

At least she didnt take her shirt off in the middle of the mall

If that was an old man saying it to a young woman all of the comments would be about how much of a creepy perve he was. Double standards always seem to elude some people.

Personally, 54, I'd still say the same thing. You think I haven't gotten some old guy commenting on my body from time to time? I smile, say thank you, and move on. As long as they don't touch, I don't get worked up. Every attractive woman has been through this at least a dozen times.

56- do you know how conceited you sound saying that? "Every attractive woman has been through this..." You're calling yourself attractive. Confidence is good..but this...a little too big headed.

I'm not trying to be conceited. My point was that women go through this constantly. 54 was complaining about double standards. The truth is, if a woman posted about this, no one would even blink. She doesn't even need to be super hot, just moderately attractive (which is why I used that particular word). Yes, the guy would be creepy, just as the old woman is. However, it's practically expected, and women are expected to put up with it. Not even just from old guys, but from all kinds of creepy types. Summary: 54 is complaining about double standards, but the only reason we're even talking about this is because OP is a guy.

I understand your point. It was just the way you phrased your earlier comment that made you appear conceited. I guess I misread, my apologies!

Aspen_Grace33 27

That's awesome! It seems the older someone gets, the less they filter their thoughts!

RpiesSPIES 27

I believe you mean to say 'actions,' not 'thoughts.' Old people have free reign over screwing with us young people. Let 'em have their fun :P

Aspen_Grace33 27

But it was her thinking that he had a nice ass, not her actions!

longchow 8

We all have naughty thoughts. You can't filter your thoughts, but you can filter your actions (speech in particular). I bet you didn't realize that you weren't filtering your thoughts as you read this, did you?

cajekraze 7

it was a reference to an FML yesterday

They are approaching the end of their journey, sadly, so they really got nothing to lose..

If thats the case im a little worried about how im going to be when im old and seenial..... Cenial, senial, how the **** do I spell that?

I can't decide if I find the old lady really creepy or really adorable. I'm leaning towards the latter, mostly because she used the word "tushie".

DeVaughnS 5

Not when you put it in freaky old lady voice

RedPillSucks 31

I'm going with creepy, but hilarious. I really want to do this when I get old, now. Not sure I could keep a straight face, though... lol

DKjazz 20

Creepicute? (if anyone follows Daily Squee)

CheeseTron 15

Well its nice to know you have options.

All she wants for her birthday is a big tushy hoe

JT1996_fml 12

At least you can say that she has fallen and can't get up if something happens between you two.

NickaPLZ 26

It's the oldies you gotta watch for!

Shrouds 14

At least your girlfriend found it funny and did not go into some jealous hulk rage mode like most of these FMLs

Wait, your girlfriend thinks this is hilarious, or she's jealous? The wording doesn't specify

CheeseTron 15

Unless OP's girlfriend is a psycho bitch, I think its pretty self explanatory.

Exactly, the world of FML and in general is full of psycho bitches, so to me it's not self explanatory. The votes do tend to point towards her finding it funny, though.