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Today, after getting a pat of appreciation from my girlfriend's father for taking it slow, he found me later, in her room, with my head between her thighs. FML
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Why would you risk it somewhere that you're likely to get caught? Especially after lying to him?


Well looks like you wont have to stay for dinner. You've eaten enough, it would seem.

Wait until he makes you give him a "pat of appreciation"

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Looks like he's gonna get a slap instead now

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Well... You were being a gentleman and selflessly tending to his daughters needs. I guess that's a plus.

Please specify which head was between her thighs.

According to the post, he said it was his head.

It's his dick "head" or his actual head. Fail

You guys stop replying to me to be higher up on the page! >:UUU You sillies.

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Guys have two heads. Think real long and hard on that one.(yes einstein, innuendo)

He was taking it slow wasn't he? If I remember my bases correctly.

183 - I love your pic! :D Harry is my favorite;)

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What's wrong with playing leap frog? It's just a game. Don't take life so seriously pops!!

Why would you risk it somewhere that you're likely to get caught? Especially after lying to him?

Cuz his girlfriend has a very nice tasting pussy. Or were your questions rhetorical?

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At least she wasn't giving him head, could have been MUCH worse! :)

I wonder how he was able to run while he was typing this FML.

I wish these fml would tell what happened after that

Because knowing you could get caught adds more excitement to doing it..

I think knowing you're not going to get caught makes it better. You can relax and enjoy!

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Tell him you where lookin for your contact!

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Wow you're that kinda person? The tool who goes around and corrects people over the internet for their grammar mistakes

There is nothing worse than incorrect grammar

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He truly is a beefyqueef.. Grammar Nazi trolls need to get the eff out of here.. Seriously..

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Or people could learn grammar. I don't know why people get mad at corrections. Even If English isn't your native language. Wouldn't you want someone correcting you so that you could learn? I know when I speak Spanish I want corrections so that I can know in the future.

I know when I order a KFC you better not come at me with Millie's. m/

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Srry im on my phone and it auto corrects

98- I'm only doing this because you said that you accept corrections. Your "If" in your reply is capitalized where it is not needed.

98 probably accidentally pressed enter instead of space, automatically making the next word capitalized. Not really incorrect grammar.

Start screaming for help and say it's eating you!

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Yup because I ALWAYS keep my contacts in my gfs ******... Don't u?

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correction theres nothing worse than grammer nazis

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Why the hell would you do that while he's home?

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The thrill of the possibility of getting caught adds a lil something extra...why do people have sex in public places??

Someone had sex at my school the other day.

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That's why you wait until the parents are gone

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What? How is that related to anything at all?

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That's like asking if her dad is a virgin.

Or till you're a real adult not living at mommy and daddies house...

Don't worry, that's not how you get a girl pregnant anyways!

It isn't?! Gee thanks, I had been so confused!

Nope - slow dancing is how the teens get pregnant these days.

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Well good thing no body slow dances anymore. It's all just bumping and grinding.

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You, have just presented a possible predicament....and worse consequences.

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That seems pretty slow to me, op...

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Oh we know it's sarcasm, it just sucked.

Tell him you're checking for anything abnormal and you care about her hygiene.

The ecosystem of this ****** is unbalanced!

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I was just about to say that. You take the words right outta my mouth.