By vagina dentata for christmas, pls - 25/01/2013 18:51 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with my new boyfriend, and he took me back to his house for the first time. Taped to his bedroom door was a sheet of paper emblazoned with the words: "THE RAPE DUNGEON". I feel safer already. FML
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renaee 13

*Shudders* In this case I wouldn't want to know what went on behind closed doors...

LOL at op's name ! But that's seriously creepy...


laughtersplay 14

He likes it rough.

SerenaSerenadex3 13

He's a keeper.

2 bad comments in a row!!! D:

vadaaa 11

1- he likes it illegal

perdix 29

#20, if he's got sturdy handcuffs and a strong metal pole in his dungeon, he could literally become her keeper.

A dungeon keeper.. Muhahaha.

CubanBitchh 10

His brother or something probably did that to mess with him.

shan88 14

I think you can only get this if you're an Aussie. Look up doodle burger on YouTube.

Should we call the police?...

renaee 13

*Shudders* In this case I wouldn't want to know what went on behind closed doors...

metaphoristic 8

Are the windows closed too, under shutters ?

Run. Run as fast as your legs take you.

what happens in the rape dungeon stays in the rape dungeon

Roguedork19 8

#81 forever lol

LOL at op's name ! But that's seriously creepy...

It sounds but seriously there is nothing funny about rape..

Are you waiting for the "unless you are being raped by a clown comment"? Well no one is making it... Oh damn

free2speak 14

In OP's boyfriend defense, it actually said "Therapy Room"... The Y somehow got smeared and looked like an E... That's the only plausible explanation I can think of to defend him.

Don't you mean it said "Therapy Dungeon"?

free2speak 14

Oops, yes, 93. Meant to write dungeon instead of room. Everyone excuse the typo!!

I think that's right about the time I'd turn around and leave.

LMFAOwned 9

Did he have "torture toys" inside ?

Mr grey keeps that in the red room of pain

Hopefully she didn't go in to find out

Stick and stones may break your bones but chains and whips to excite him.

I cannot fathom where that "to" came from :/ I fail

Id stick to public places

I'd stick to PUBIC places (haha)

NickaPLZ 26

Right before I read your comment I was thinking EXACTLY that.

I find OP's nickname as disturbing as the doorsign. Would be a solution though, or get one of those South African anti-rape condoms.

are they the ones with the barbs in to stop the dick coming back out? or am i thinking of something completely different?

I really hate guys who are like that. Rape is a very serious matter. I have severe issues due to being raped as a child, not only with a man's dick, but also with all the blades on a deluxe swiss army knife.I seriously recommend leaving him.He is obviously a disturbed individual who needs serious help.I wish you the best of luck dealing with this situation OP.

Potentially tasteless humor doesn't necessarily mean disturbed.

You seem to be a disturbed individual as well. FML is not the place to discuss being raped.

I may be disturbed as well, but I stand by my opinion. I think rape is a serious issue that nobody should joke about. I thought that I could comment with my personal experience, and if that offends anyone I am sorry.

Sorry, but I don't believe you. I highly doubt you'd post about that if it were true. I think you're an attention ***** with a Wes Craven-esque imagination.

19- it's not that it's offensive, just completely out of sync with the website's original intentions. You should really be discussing these feelings (both trauma from the event and anger from harmless jokes) with a therapist ('lest you become Lisbeth Salander IRL), rather than a website aimed at making light of the minor misfortunes of others. If you notice, the early FMLs were much worse, with some serious FYL moments. These days they're more laughable. Regardless, I wish you luck with your ongoing psychological recovery.

Thank you. You are very kind. :3

Making light of things is a great way to deal with them for some people. I find that if you can joke about it, it makes it better.

I mainly use methods of escapism such as watching anime. Learning Japanese was inevitable, due to a perfect memory. I do use sketching, and various creative activities to cope such as singing.

Please, have a seat. *motions toward figurative couch* So, this anime, exactly why does it comfort you?

well it is a valid comment. I commend GoThickNihilist for posting this. It might not be the right site but sometimes fml does lead to serious topics and it is okay to post things I think. But I would say it might be inappropriate humour. But rape is serious. But I don't think rape fantasies mean you are disturbed or anything. No offence meant here.

When I say inappropriate humour I mean OP's boyfriend - not GoThickNihilist. :)

Your comment is correct. Rape isn't something to joke about. But it wasn't necessary to go into detail of your own rape, especially without warning for potential triggers. Other rape victims may not be able to handle reminders of their rapes, and a detailed description of child rape on FML might seriously trigger them.

Two words "Rape Fetish".

Roguedork19 8

Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

lemonademixer 7

I agree with #15. Write your stories in a diary...

...or she could have a sense of humor. And you need help

At least it was a deluxe, and not a cheap gas station swiss army knife.

You gon' get graped.