By Anonymous - United States
Today, my dad taught me how to swim. I had to keep doing a lot of strange movements to keep my body floating. While doing that, two 8-year-old girls came and asked me if i needed help getting out of the water. I'm a 20 year old guy. FML
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  slappymojo  |  0

I don't know how to swim? do u know how to skate and do a kickflip? every community usually have a skatepark unless you live in the middle of nowhere


  threer  |  30

You're* Irony..

  iheartbewbies  |  0

It's not that hard to swim.. Even if you haven't learned how to swim, as you get older it comes more natural.. People who can't swim at that age, well, who knows what they've been doing their whole life.

  Sketchisan  |  27

A lot of people don't spend enough time around water to need to learn how to swim. I know in my town, most of the public pools closed years ago. There's only one left and not everyone has access to it. I didn't learn how to swim until I was 18 and I didn't start driving lessons until I was 26. Any other milestones I should be tripping over myself to get done, please let me know. I've got LOADS of time to fritter away.

  disco2466  |  8

hey 31 I'm from Australia to and I know a few people that don't know how to swim some people never got the chance to learn and some are actually afraid of the water because of it. Op at-least your learning don't listen to the haters better late then never!

  saidin  |  1

Unfortunately not true at all. I have two friends who can't swim at all, and they're both over 23.. I can't even comprehend how their parents could've been so neglectful!


Great, my comment made no sense. How awkward.. But don't be too hard on yourself op I know a lot of people who can't swim & we have a lot of access to water everywhere. Everyone is different :)


I have a friend, and when he was younger his dad (who is now in jail for other reasons) tried to "teach" him how to swim by throwing him into a lake and leaving him there. He almost drowned. He's completely terrified of water since that incident, and no, he doesn't know how to swim- with a perfectly good reason.