By LagSwitchFTW - 25/01/2013 22:19 - United Kingdom

Today, I played an intense paintball match, with me and my friends versus my boyfriend and his buddies. When we won, my boyfriend went mental and said he only lost because of "lag". When I pointed out we weren't in a video game, he reacted by firing a paintball straight into my chest. FML
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skyeyez9 24

That was when you should have fired a paintball at his weiner.


FlamingTacos 7

51- You have obviously never had lag

I know right. The pain that comes with lag is intense. Some games you can't walk 10 steps with our rubber banding back n forth, or it takes 2 mags to register 3 shots for a kill. Lag is a top reason for rage quitting.

But the very top reason for rage quitting is losing, especially if its to a girl. I avoid using voice chat in some games until the end for that reason.

^Have had this problem playing Civ V, and TF2. There sure are some sexist assholes on the Internet... >.>

RpiesSPIES 27

Might be just me, but I'd like it if a girl ever beat me in a game... Nice change of pace.

I bet that OP's boyfriend is one of those noobtubers.

AbstraktThoughts 13

OP needs to bunker the shit outta her bf on the next round! Aim for the throat ;)

44, There are paintball tanks. Get a tank, go after boyfriend, aim at the nuts. Should be fun.

OP should get a laser red dot on the paint ball gun the shoot him in the nutsack and say head shot!!!

I don't care if has was an asshole or not OP shouldn't use the term "mental" as an adjective describing her (ex?)boyfriend's behavior

southernbelle_rn 16

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gloooooria 14

The whole guys team lost. Not just the boyfriend.

jem970 19

So if a man loses to his woman then he is made fun of for it for the rest of his life? Wow. That sucks. Maybe he needs new friends if they are that rude.

So just because he lost it gives him a reason to be a jerk? No. And most guys would be thankful enough that their girlfriend would want to play paintball with them.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

4 - Even if your statement were true, I'm sure his friends wouldn't approve of this behavior. Come on, you've got to admit that that was uncalled for.

Not only does he need new friends, OP needs a new bf if he reacts like that just because he lost a game:/

24, True dat. I've played paintball a few times, and I must say, it ******* hurts too much to be any fun. I guess that's just because I'm such an easy target, though. My boyfriend tells me I'm an awesome girlfriend, but I still wouldn't play paintball with him. Therefore, OP must be an even awesomer girlfriend than me, and I must admit, I'm bloody fantastic. OP's boyfriend should appreciate his paintball dominating goddess of a lady.

shinychic_96 7

So that makes it okay for him to pelt his girlfriend in the chest?

If he didn't want to lose to his girlfriend, he shouldn't have competed against her assuming he'd win.

Oh no how dare this female hurt her mans feelings by being better at something than her in front of his friends! Of course she deserves him being a jerk because how dare she win!

troubledkitty 3

He is an immature jerk. That was not very good of him.

Because it hurts like hell when you get hit in the boobs.

A force of habit, that's where he normally shoots his loads.

I must say, 55, your comment made me literally laugh out loud. Then I read the FML, the original comment, and your reply to my boyfriend, and he laughed out even louder than I did. Such an occurrence is most rare when it comes to written language. Bravo to you, sir. That was some comedic literary genius.

Not like he'll get to see them anytime soon. He's in the doghouse.

KiddNYC1O 20
sugarshane007 20

Well that certainly took your breath away.

NickaPLZ 26

And gave her a nice bruised breast, I'd imagine. Which may not be a bad thing if it swelled up enough! Not that he deserves to play with them now anyways...

skyeyez9 24

That was when you should have fired a paintball at his weiner.

stewpididiot 11

Indeed! She should have aimed for the balls and yelled "GG b****" :P

It hurts more to get hit in the balls than it does to get hit in the chest.

Oh my soul, what's wrong with people nowadays!

What does your soul have to do with it?